Monday, August 5, 2013

Foiled again

So after having paint explode all over me because my brother in law didn't reassemble my airbrush correctly I sat down to get all my priming done. Unfortunately I forgot 1 major factor of south Korea in August. The weather. After 3 failed attempts to prime all those models from last post I learned two things. My moisture tap fills up very fast during august and the weather dries my paint crazy fast.

In those 3 failed attempts the moister tap filled up completely. And another problem is paint was drying in the airbrush faster than I could spray it. So I only managed to prime about 1/8 of the models. This means that I really wont be getting any more priming and basing done till September. Especially since I have already packed all most all of my other hobby stuff away. So the next week or so will just be a lot of assembly to show.

I have also had the news that my move has been delayed a week which really screws me up even more since I don't want to unpack everything. On the bright side I am getting a very pretty new desk set up for painting so keep a look out for that post.

Anyway that is all for today assembly posts and stuff to come.



  1. I guess this is what that GW brush on primer is for...

    1. Lol Yeah normally but I found that with the airbush the primed and base coats come out so much nicer than when I due it with a brush. Though the vallejo primer also works just fine with a brush.