Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The type of player I am

I came to a realization the other day that I have changed how I define the type of player I am. I started way back in second as a fluff player with my Khorne army, nothing but beserkers, champions, Kharn and a dread. Of course everything had a mark of Khorne.  Later on I changed to being a casual player that very much played whatever for fun. A great example of this was the IG forces where I ran nothing but penal legion, commissars and ratlings. To explain casual in my reference it was playing every so often, at least every other week, for fun. Even the tournaments I played in those days I never worried about my standings.These days however, I have become a collector.

By collector I literally mean I collect and if possible paint whatever interests me . I have not played an actual game of anything in almost 2 years. To be fair the birth and then raising of 2 under 5's is a big reason for this. But interestingly I find I don't regret it. I have been a GW player for about 16 or 17 years. Back then their were a few other games I was interested in but never got into because as a teenage kid even Gw was tough to afford. But for me the big change came only around when my first son was born. I had always heard of these other systems and seen them but never really got into them. The one that finally got me was infinity. Mainly cause I loved the models. Later of course I ditched them just because playing the game wasn't that fun for me. Me I always play for fun. Winning is nice but I have always had some sort of vision or story to go with my armies even if others didn't realize it. And with infinity I didn't which is why I think I found it so easy to dump the system. Now since the birth of my oldest I have been free to expand and go crazy with new systems. I started an ancients roman force (played them maybe 2 or 3 times), gotten two DW feets (never played except against myself when working the rules out), Two FSA armada fleets (played against myself and over the net a few times, which was weird) and of course my epic SM and prussian forces. The epic SM force is literally because I have always wanted a full chapter of marines, and this was the best way for me to do it. The prussians once again is more of a dream. I have always wanted too have a couple of Napoleonic forces even if only for display. I love to read about the time period and the idea of having a full prussian army tickled all the right places. In the future I will expand them. But back to the point.

Even now with my GW stuff I am no longer really looking at stats of units and such. I just grab what I want or what I think might be fun. I lost count last edition how many times my tau got steam rolled because I didn't use the power builds. But love them none the less because of the concept I had built around them and my old IG army. Now my concept has changed but stays the same. The same with my space marines, the concept/the story and the collecting and then painting has been more important to me than anything else. A good example is a project I want to do in the future that was inspired by the old love of tau blog (seems to have been deleted). He did modified tau fire warriors with jet packs to use as vespid. I love this idea and am going to try and do it myself. Are vespid really considered great or anything. No, but I think it will be fun and I can't wait to convert and paint them.

I know it seems weird to call myself a collector even though I have brought up a lot of stuff that's more fluff orientated but given it isn't shall we say codex fluff I think its a bit different.

Sorry for the random rant but just thought it was interesting.


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