Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 was a good year

I have managed to accomplish more than I thought I would in this past year.
Lets take a quick look at were I succeeded and failed.

Finished off the Roman Army I have had for awhile.
Painted 5435 actual points.
Completed a total of 3 forces completely

Got only 360.75 points out of my goal of 500. Honestly I don't feel bad on this though I am a little aggravated.
Spending: goal was $250. Actually spent $423.01. This one I'm happy that I managed to stay under $500. I think my goal of $250 was unrealistic in hind sight. Especially how in years past without selling anything I often spent $800-$1500  a year.

Now the question of course is were can I improve. Well one of the main areas I can see for improvement is being more consistent. My points and painting were crazy. Partly because of the move and injury but also just because of a need for better time management. I have a few ideas on how to improve on this one and while be trying them out in the future.

Another of course is my painting. To be honest some of my Romans I am not completely satisfied with and I think that may be partly due to me just getting burnt out from doing to many of them. Specifically one squad after another. I think the idea of paint one unit of x and then one different force of x will work much better for me in the future.

On a personal note I am also proud of the fact that I managed to post so much this year. Get over 10000 visitors and had some great conversations with people. Which leads me to thanking you guys. All you people who lurk or actually subscribe. The pms and even the few comments have helped me stay engaged and motivated me to continue on. Next post will be about my plans for next year.


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