Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Kid gaming: Fighting Plastic edition

Fighting plastic maybe a game you have never heard of but should have. It utilizes a toy that at least when I was a kid every little boy had.
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That's right plastic army men. Now the best place I have found to get the rules is here. Mainly because the original website for it no longer exists. However, the creator but the author gave blanket permission to use it with little to no restrictions. I would love to buy the creator  Corey Butler a beer if I ever meet him for this rule set. This game is great because of the overall simplicity of it. The game is designed to just be easy and fun to play. So its perfect for younger kids. Now at present I haven't played it mainly because I have no plastic army men and have never seen them for sale here. But when my son gets older I am sure he will get some. Now the only side not I would make about this rule set that is a little strange is everything is done in feet. That's right feet not inches. They also suggest a rather large model count for the game. However, this can easily be changed to suit any playing space. I believe children of at least 5+ can probably handle  most elements of this game as their are very few modifiers. Mainly movement, shooting restrictions and bonuses for cover.

The game has four phases with only movement not being done simultaneously. Three of the phases are for shooting different weapons. The great thing in my opinion is that there is no real down time for either player also even if a model dies during that turn because the actions are simultaneous they can still shoot for you. This I feel will a great thing for kids and adults because I know I hate just waiting around for the other person to finish there turn.

So check it out.

also just in case:
This game is copyright 2000 by Corey Butler.  It may be freely distributed in its original form, with this notice, but not sold.  Modifications and house rules are encouraged and should be labeled as such.

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