Monday, December 23, 2013

Kid gaming: Junior general edition

For those of you that haven't heard of it there is a great website called Junior general. Now lets talk about why this site is great. It is all paper craft and completely free. Now I know some people look down on paper craft based models or games but I think that they are great. Specifically for those of us with young kids. This literally combines not only crafting activities but encourages them to learn about history and learn to enjoy it. The categories covered range from ancients all the way to scifi and alt history. There are many scenarios and rule sets all included on the site and from what I can tell a rather active forum.
no not that paper craft

closer to what we are talking about

Now I have yet to use any of these but I think they will be a huge asset in the future. Now I'm not talking just buildings to play with but models you can actually build, never mind buildings, terrain or whatever else you can imagine. Lets talk about why this is so great.
1. Free
2. Paper based
3. wide range of eras
4. wide range of types
5. designed with kids in mind
now that's what we are talking about

For me number 5 is one of the biggest points that make this site stand out. From the few scenarios with rules I have looked at I think that with minimal tweaking many of them would be suitable for 7+ without a problem and maybe even 5+. There is so much on this website that I am still trying to filter through it all and figure out what to try first. I will let you guys now how it goes when I do. But in the meantime give it a whirl and let me know what you guys think.


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