Saturday, December 14, 2013

Things I want to look into

As the tittle says I am thinking a lot while the hand is hurt. Mainly about things I want to look into or try. So in no particular order here they are.

1. Dr who based mini game- I have seen some  cool battle reports but need to find rules. I have also found a bunch of great models.
2.Zombie survival game- once again seen some great battle reports and there are a ton of different models available but don't really know of any rule sets.
3. other ancients rule sets- the only ones I have played are WAB and HC. Both are ok but with things I am thinking of doing in the future I would like to look at other rules sets. Only others I know about are DBA and the one by baccus. Nether of which I have actually read.
4. Boats- that's right boats. I want more naval games to play. I have seen pics of ancients themed ones before but honestly don't know of any. I know there is stuff for ww2 but I prefer older stuff. I do have Trafalgar and have played a game before but would like to see what else is out there.
5. skirmish games- I tried infinity in the past but didn't enjoy it much. I don't know why though. But I have enjoyed the different 40k ones I have played. So I would like to find other ones.

6. More small scale scifi games- I'm thinking planet fall, exodus wars and whatever else I can find.

So if you happen to know of any of the above or can point me in the direction of any of them comment or drop me a line. Your help would be much appreciated.


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