Tuesday, February 11, 2014

First completed models of the year

That right I finally finished painting some models. 10 to be exact. Though when putting them away I found another frigate that I forgot to paint.

So except for the frigate I forgot about I have almost finished off my dindrenzi FSA fleet. Just 1 more to go for now.  I followed this by laying into my 6 titans that are WIP. More on them later.

So that gives me
Feb: 10 points
YTD total: 10 points

That also changes my painting to bought ratio.
The reason the bought is at -1 is I mailed out 5 models and since I didn't paint them I decided to minus them from the bought category instead. I will do the same with traded models in the future and add in any models I get from trades into the bought category. 



  1. Love Firestrom Armada models. Eventually I'll buy into it.

    1. Honestly wish I had waited the current and upcoming packs make it much easier. But oh well. In the future I will need some more cruisers, frigates, escorts and maybe a dreadnought for my two main forces. Also need to get my hands on the new rule book, It is supposed to make the game much better and more streamlined.