Sunday, February 16, 2014

HOP survey

After reading some of the stuff written as comments and in the first HOP article on the results of the survey I realized that I had a rather narrow range of what a miniature war game was. I always thought of things like 40, infinity etc. Mainly the you have a set of models and rules move them around a table covered in terrain and bam or something similar. But after reading many of the comments and such I realized that it is a very very narrow view. Hero quest, D&D and such can also qualify. Which is interesting to me because it means I have basically always been a miniature war gamer. Some of my earliest memories then of war gaming were way back in second edition AD&D, playing with my mom and her group, were models were always used. Never mind, things like hero quest, risk, axis and allies and of course shogun. Other such things that I remember doing when I was younger was actually trying to recreate things like the Normandy beach invasions or world war one trench battles with the massive amounts of army men I had. I also know when my youngest brother was 5 or so we played a lot of games based around his knight and pirate toys that had working cannons.

Even when I was young I remember sighting with friends of the family and them discussing various types of military strategies and why different things worked in x situation but not Y. It is probably a good part of what started my ongoing interest in history as well.

I have talked about it before, but the thing that really got me into what until recently I considered proper war gaming was epic. I saw that in the stores and was hooked immediately and of course when I asked for some for my birthday I got a box of IG storm troopers instead..

Anyone just thought it was interesting and if you havent seen the article check it out on HOP and look for part 2 soon.


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