Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Me35 welcome box

Today, I received a welcome package for ME35 from the guy I actually sent some models to. He sent a bunch of models as a welcome present. Some of the stuff I had heard of but a lot of it is new to me. All but one of the models are basically women. though 2 of the bombshell ones are animals and one of them I don't know what it technically is.
inside the box

This ones from guild of harmony. Closest thing I can find to a name is  Steampunk. I will have to search for more info

Faust Orbatos from anime tactics game. I know nothing about this game but neat little model.

Another company I know nothing about Warforge.

Bombshell lot of models. Pirates, futuristic, one that looks like a commissar and a few other odd ones.
After I think about it a bit more Ill post pics of the ones I want to paint at some point.
That adds 21 new models to my total for the year as well.


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