Wednesday, February 5, 2014

More spending

Only one picture today.

I picked up this handy little guy because I have been meaning to get a cheaper little thing to help with mold lines and such. At least until I convince the wife we need a dremel set.
I also piked up a few secret items that you should see in a post soon. They will make gaming at home much better I think.

the last thing I picked up was a few cheap brushes for some upcoming and current painting since all of my cheap ones were DOA and the store is sold out of any good ones.
So that makes spending for this month at:
Feb: -$40.07
YTD: -$67.25

So there goes a large chunk of my budget for this year. On painting front I have mainly been working on the FSA ships. Hopefully will have them done for the end of the week.


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