Friday, August 22, 2014

Painting Table Saturday #22

Alright this week was ok for getting back on track with my painting. Though I also need to make sure to do my posts in the proper way to make my life easier as well. First up spending, I spend an additional $20 on feebay to get myself 20 more marines for finishing up my planes with them.
So spending for this month is now:

August: -$30.00
YTD: -$285.08

Next up painting, I finished off the 6th company this week and made a bit more progress on the detachments for the 5th company.

So with the 6 stealth suits painted that brings the models painted count up to 606. Points for this month are as follows:
August: 30 points
YTD points: 207.5 points

So I am now getting closer to both my painting goal and my goal of completing the core of the epic SM army, I have only 4 more companies to paint to finish it off.

Finally, we continued the painting lessons this week with my oldest, he went with bright yellow boots, bright blue skin and green pants. Cant say much for his color taste on this one.

More as it happens

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