Friday, August 8, 2014

State of the hobby: What happen or is this just here?

So not long ago I went to the only store in this country to try and buy a model. Which they once again didn't have but they have it listed as available via there web store. But that's another grudge for another day. Today, I was more amazed by some of the rules they had posted for using there tables to play. The ones that really stood out for me are as follows:
1. You have to play with models you own
2. You are not allowed to use any scratch built or proxy models
3. You are not allowed to play games they don't sell.
4. You cant play with models they don't sell.

Let's start with the first one which is one of the most bewildering to me. This one I find the most strange because how the heck do you expect to suck new people into the hobby if they have to buy everything before they try the game? Or lets say I am thinking of buying a new army and want to try out that army that is a mate of mines.  This to me is the most confusing and crazy out of them.

Next up the ban on scratch built and proxy models.. This one I can kind of understand but also think is a bit ridiculous. This may just because I remember when the VDR rules where a new level of craziness and scratch building, and the copy of white dwarf with the deodorant stick grav tank in it. Now I can understand banning models when they are ridiculous compared to the stock models because of size or something. But the scratch built models are an extension of the hobby itself in my opinion. Never mind the  wanting to test the use of a unit before buying them to see if they fit with your play style. But this also would me the models I have been gathering together for my custom made vespid, which are more like fire warriors with jetpacks, cant be played because they aren't the stock model... Never mind the earth shakers I have been building which from what I have seen are about the same footprint as the forge world ones but have guns and a carriage that could actually transport it around, but for rules purpose was going to be a immobile heavy gun carriage.
At the same time I can see them not wanting people to just buy a bunch of mantics stuff to use instead of 40k stuff in the store. Never mind the various companies that sell alt weapon sets.

The third one I disagree with mainly because I have been chasing the owner for years to sell FSA, he only just started selling it last year and has basically stopped carrying it or has stopped carrying games he used to sell because of the lack of profits but now your telling the customers that bought it they from you they cant play it there. A prime example of this was battletech, he brought in the 25th anniversary starter boxes and some rule books. But now that most of those are gone he no longer supports them. So cant play that either.

The last one really bewilders me because this kills off all the forge world or GW direct only models. Never mind other companies web exclusives. I know for a fact there are quite a few people here that have sunk crazy money in forge world stuff including the owner who has some of them on display. But you can't play them in the store? Never mind things like old models, wait I cant play with last edition broadsides I need to buy all new ones??? WTF?
Not OK for my Tau??
But OK for my Tau............

This leads me to wonder am I really just that out of touch with the current situation hobby wise? Am I just to much of an old timer hobby wise for the crowd or is this just something local that's a bit crazy?  So here is what I would love to see some comments on:
1. What are your thoughts on  scratch built models?
2. Are proxy models really that bad or is this a case of going overboard ( you know a genestealer is definitely not a hive tyrant.)
3. What are the rules like where you play?
4. What's the craziest rule you have ever come across?

I know in at least for the near future it's not a huge issue I don't get much time to play and the games I want to play can be comfortably played at home. But it is a bit worrying in the long term since I will be stuck here for a long time.



  1. Maybe they just had some problem customers in the past? Did you ask any other players about it? It's probably worth seeking out some buddies' basement tables and see if there's a more open community, if not.

  2. This all sounds really weird, maybe try and find/setup a gaming club rather than playing in store or talk to the owner and ask why he's got these rules.

    Re rules:
    1. I guess the only reason they could validly be saying this is models getting lost/stolen in the past and the store manager not wanting to deal with that anymore
    2. This is really stupid as you can't try stuff out and what's more who's to judge the line between a scratchbuild and a conversion? What happens if your scratchbuild looks identical to the real kit (see James wappel's chimeras)
    3. & 4. Are quite harsh but I guess they're entitled to do so

    Personally I don't mind scratchbuilt stuff as long as it's cool and not wayyy out of proportion. Depends on whether it's just a gaming night or tournament, I mean friendly games really I do not care at all. I usually play at home or at tournaments, allowing proxies and scratchbuilds at both, (although proxies are ok when they're wysiwyg)

    Craziest rule? Idk my brother was playing a small apoc game at a GW in the UK and they were told to pack up and leave because "gaming night was starting" despite the fact that the store was deserted apart from them and they were "gaming" so wtf

  3. Have you talked to them to see if those are actually the rules, or just the posted rules? I know some places will have posted up rules to discourage certain types of individuals, but the actual store is much more lax.

    (ie, the boss or corporate might require the posted rules, but they don't actually follow them).

  4. Well see that's part of the interesting thing, the owner was there and quickly hid as soon as he finished dealing with another customer. He has steadily avoided me more and more over the years as my spending decreased, never mind the fact that every time I try to order things they say I should download things or oh they will be in next week. Then can't understand why I'm annoyed when its not there. But this is also the place that charges more than retail. Can't do much when they are the only show in the country. I have started building up stuff to try and game elsewhere but its a bit tricky when you live in Seoul and places here are much smaller than in the USA and Australia. Actually i have offered to demo multipul games systems and organize tournaments and such for them since they almost never have any. Or maybe I'm just unpleasant, no idea.

  5. I think the last line of the previous comment hits it right on the head.