Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Update and why I let Mantic hijak the blog for a day

So lets do the update first and then follow up with why I posted Mantics stuff yesterday and not all my own words.

So first up sorry for the lack of posts my vacation pretty much turned into lots of work, surgery and pain. I am fine now but it kind of messed up my plans for massive painting. Instead I only got a bit of painting done and some practice push molding some bits for my scratch built earth shaker cannons. Which will also be part of the focus of a post on Friday.

First up the push molded pieces and a picture of one in place.

They didn't come out perfect but good enough for me.
Painting wise I started working on all my stealth suits and shadow sun. The first unit just needs squad markings and a bit of touch up to be finished off.

Once again not happy with my progress  but it is better than nothing. I will do full review of last month and a break down of the year so far on Monday.

Now for the question some may ask, Why did you do that Mantic post. I have a few reasons why for that one. 
First is fond memories of games like these...

Along with many others I didnt post. I spent many hours in my youth playing such games with my family, friends and even people who were strangers and later became friends. For me Dungeon Saga  is right along the same lines and I look forward to it.
Next up is a local issue, war gaming as I have stated in the past, is very rare here. One store in the whole country and very limited availability of classic RPG's as well. Even many popular western board games can be hard to find or expensive here. This style of game is an excellent way of softly introducing people to the broader spectrum of RPG's and war gaming.

Finally, Mantic themselves. After supporting one of there kickstarters in the past, purchasing multiple products and dealing with both the good and the bad overall I can say they deserve my support and business and maybe yours too. This is a company that has gone out of its way over the years to earn my trust and business. Also they way they have done it. Given it wasn't a personal, hey please pimp this for us email, but it also wasn't, hey say great things about us and we will give you X. Just a nice and friendly, hey if you can help us out please do and here's stuff to make your life easier, use it or don't but thank you. That attitude in itself is great to be on the receiving end of. Kai has also been great about trying to answer my questions so thanks Kai.

That's it for today, review of where Mantic is  tomorrow along with a more concentrated look with whether or not I think this kickstarter is worth it and something that annoyed me/ I want to here from you guys on, on Friday. Just in case you have somehow missed it click the banner below to see the Mantic Kickstarter or here for there website. But if your on the fence do wait for my complete opinion on the current situation tomorrow. 


  1. Never played Hero or Warhammer Quest and never seen that D&D Boardgame which is really strange as I was playing D&D and D&D Chainmail Game at the time. I have all three of the D&D Coop games.

    1. lol there are so many of them out there its hard to keep track. I had like 4 different D&D ones when I was younger.