Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The newest mantic kickstarter

Sorry for the silence but since this crossed my desk I figured I would take the time to help pimp a project I am excited about. Bigger update and general thoughts on this project tomorrow. Without further ado here is Kai from mantic.- Aruki
Hi - it's Kai from Mantic Games here. Your blog host has kindly allowed me to come on over and say hello and tell you about our new Kickstarter.  If you have any questions, please head on over to Launched Kickstarter... and ask away!  I'll do what I can to answer them.

So....That was some four minutes.

Just in case you missed it, we funded in four minutes FLAT.  It's a new record for Mantic Games!
We've also smashed through our first two stretch goals....

We're shattering through stretch goals right now, so we're currently aiming for $150k
Gabrielle Kickstarter Exclusive

We're working on creating some really great things with this, and you can help!  Just pledge in.

Beneath the plains of Diffeth lies the ruined Dwarfen Hold of Dolgarth. Buried deep is the Tome of Valandor – the purest source of magical knowledge that has ever existed. It has been protected for centuries, but it has now fallen into the hands of evil…

Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest is the Dungeon Adventure Board Game for 2-5 players. It is now live on Kickstarter


It centres around the classic struggle between a party of heroes and the forces of darkness, represented by the Undead. One player takes on the mantle of the Necromancer and controls his evil host, whilst up to four other players can lead the mighty heroes on their adventure.


The game contains coloured plastic miniatures and full colour, modular dungeon tiles ready to use right out of the box. No assembly is required.

Whether you’re a veteran of the dungeon genre or you’re simply looking for a great game to play with the kids, Dungeon Saga has something for everyone!

Find out more here - Venture into Darkness - Dungeon Saga


  1. For a 100 bucks that still looks pretty weak.

    1. For a straight retail copy you may be right. I think what will possibly make it worth it is the stretch goals. However until they get further along in the project it will be hard to tell. Extra models are nice but the extra tiles and content are what people will really want. Personally I think folding in the older adventure games into the box and generating tiles for them would be a great idea.

    2. Never mind for me its closer to 125 bucks.

    3. Like the second Reaper Bones kickstarter people in the beginning are bidding on potential and might drop later if a significant amount of stuff is not added over the drive.

      I think what tells you that they are essentially having you unlock stuff that should be there already is that there are 5 heroes on the cover art but only 4 in the game?

    4. I plan dropping many of these points on Thursdays post. Honestly I am on the fence for this. Feel free to drop me an email maybe we can co-author something on this or other Ks stuff.

    5. If you look at their site, they have the Green Menace game there for 15 pounds(down from 35) currently which has tiles counters and like 28 minis. Maybe these minis or tiles are nicer but it seems like they set the initial bar way low in terms of what the game has. They essentially already had like 3 games in this series which combined into a single lot might have started at 100 and then more orders get more game play options.