Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Progress wahoo.

So first up I finished off that unit of Romans I was working on.

I then also finished off the general and two musicians for my auxilia. I have also almost finished off the leaders and banner men for them as well. Just need to finish a few more details. In the below pick you can also see that I am working full steam ahead on the archers. Hopefuly the archers and the rest of the auxilia will be finished in the next week or two. Still have to find a few bits though.

That adds a sold 23 points to my total with another 4  almost finished and crap ton more in the works

Oct: 23 points
Total: 289.75 points

I also picked up some more FSA and DW stuff. Mainly some ships and tanks for dw and a carrier for my terrains.

Oct: -$33.10
Total: -$400.97

More updates as fast I can paint them.

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