Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Review of baccus Prussian Calvary units

Now this review will be slightly different because when I first got the models I really couldnt tell the difference between many of them. So I will start with a qoute from Peter of Baccus.

"Prussian Dragoons and Hussars are VERY similar.   The way to differentiate between them is that the Dragoons have straight swords and square shabraques, the hussars curved sabres and pointed shabraques.  If you sort these out, you should find that the dragoons are complete with commands etc.  This leaves the hussars.  The important thing is that their command strip only contains an officer, trumpeter and trooper, with NO guidon as these were not carried by light cavalry on campaign.  The end result is that the line strip looks very similar to the command.  Can I please ask you to double check to make sure that command strips are there, but 'hiding'.  Similarly with the Uhlans and reserve cavalry.  You may find something similar going on with the Uhlans/Reserve."

So without further ado lets take a look at the cavalry I received in the starter which was quite a lot.
Included were 2 units of Kurassiers, 2 units of dragoons, 4 units of hussars, 2 units of lancers and 2 units of reserve cavalry. Each unit is of 9 men. 

So below are the Kurassiers notice they have a guidon.

Then the Dragoons, guidon and straight swords.

Followed by the 4 units of hussars no guidon and curved swords.

Then the lancers and reserve. Honestly these guys I really cant tell the difference.

Once again it all boils down to the very little differences.  Which wont matter as much once I have them based and labeled. Now much like the infantry it is incredibly hard to tell the difference and I am not sure I am 100% right even with guidance. But once again this is part of the problem when you play such a small scale. Now all of those units I got in my starter. Here is what I need for my planed army.
2 units of heavy cavalry and 1 unit of light cavalry. So what does that mean well that's simple but tricky as well.

Heavy cavalry regiments are dragoons or Kurassiers. With each one being made up of four 9 man units. This needs that if I use both my dragoons and Kurassiers I still need 4 more 9 man units to finish them off. Now a package of 3 more units of either type is 9.32 and I need 2. Or for 21.98 I can get a Booster that has 4 units of each of the following  kurassiers, dragoons and hussars. So a bit of a toss up on what to do their. Were the light cavalry regiment is made up of Hussars. With it being made up of four 9 man units. So for light cavalry I am all set.
This does however leave me with  reserve cavalry and lancers that I have nothing to do with. I may just paint them up and label them as kurassiers and dragoons so I don't need to buy more. Not sure yet.

Anyway that raps up the baccus reviews. I will get into more detail later on how I plan on actually building and painting this army after I figure it out. This is very much a concept in progress. A lot also hinges on the BP supplement I still need to get my hands on.


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