Friday, October 4, 2013

The months to come

Ok, so some new goals for the year and things I am looking forward to. First off the goals.

1.paint 500 points
2.paint at least 5000 actual points
3.Spend $250 or less
4. Finish off my Roman Army
5. Paint at least the first 2 companies of epic SM chapter
6. Finish figuring out the Prussians paint scheme for 6mm

These are now the primary goals  I am shooting for. Goal 1 is a long shot but I am going to try. Goal 2 has already been completed. Goal 3 will probably not happen, unless I sell the marines and maybe some other stuff. Goal 4 is one of the big ones I really want to finish this year. I have had the army for almost 5 years and basically only had it half primed. So I am looking forward to finishing it. Goal 5 is just something I would like to get a move on. The final goal is just something I have been a bit lazy about. I have figured out most of the infantry but still need the cavalry and artillery figured out.

On a side note I am very excited about the last half of this year more and more very desirable stuff keeps getting announced. In my list of things I want at some point from the second half.

1. DZC starter
2. Firestorm Armada 2.0
3. New Firestorm Armada sets

Those are the main ones that have caught my interest. The DZC starter is old news but I can't wait to get one so I have all 4 primary races and some terrain. The new FA stuff I am really psyched to see. New book will be great and the hint at some new sets really excites me. Other than that the only other thing that has made me happy will be covered in a review post next week.


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