Saturday, October 12, 2013

Review of Miniature Wargames Digital Magazine

With both my anniversary and my birthday this month my wife got me a digital subscripition to Miniature Wargmaes magazine. I have wanted a subscription to some wargaming magazines for quite awhile but have always been put off by the price. Mainly because the shipping costs make them rather expensive.

Miniature wargames magazine does a world wide subscription for $119.39 a year. Hence the reason I hadn't bought one before. But my wife realized that they did a digital and grabbed it for the price of $46.96 a year. Now normally I admit I love actually having the physical copy of books and magazines to flip through. But with the digital subscription you also get access to the issues going back through 2010.

Now as quick comparison the magazine has changed a lot because another magazine battlegames was incorporated into it. In general I enjoy the new issues but in my opinion the older issues are better. The older issues I feel had more variety than the last couple of new issues. Now to be fair I have only read 5 issues so far. The three most recent and the two first available. The most recent ones I feel are not as diverse as the older issues and hence I don't like them as much. However, one part of the magazine that seems to be continuous is the review section which I love. The magazine covers a wide range of books and games that I have never heard of even if I know the publisher, such as Ospreys Ronin (I think was the name of it), A feudal Japan skirmish game. The only other negative I can think of is that most of the material tends to be historical in nature and these days seems to be focused on the authors pet projects. I for one would like to see more diversity in the material covered. 

That being said I still feel it is well worth the cost. Part of the problem with living in South Korea when it comes to modeling magazines in general is you have 3 main options. White Dwarf from the only game store in Korea, which I haven't enjoyed or really bought for about 10 years now. The other two options are Japanese modeling magazines one called Model armor I want to say and some other one about trains, both of which are easily gotten from book stores here. Of course the main problem with them is they are all in Japanese. But they are still nice to flip through for ideas occasionally. And buying one of them each month would cost as much as buying a years subscription to wargames magazine.

If your unsure If you would like the magazine try out there one month free subscription that they do.
It is available on Amazon, Android and I tunes. As a final note this endorsement and review is my opinion and I am not being compensated or making anything from it at all.


Ps. that last line is because some one actually messaged me about wanting me to write positive reviews of products for cash or goodies and more exposure for my blog. This site has never been and will never be run that way. If I review something I will always give my honest opinion on something no matter what.

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