Thursday, September 26, 2013

A give away to get in on

There is a great little give away happening and so I wanted to point you all to the blog called O'Leary Miniatures.

There are some great prizes up for grabs. Including the option of winning some painting done for you. Never mind models and such. The give away is being sponsored in part by Patrick Hatt. Which you can find a link of below to his writing.

"This give away is being sponsored in part by author Patrick Hatt. You can find Mr. Hatt's Amazon Writers Page at"

As for the blog I only found this blog about 2 weeks ago. I haven't decide whether or not to follow it yet but by going through a lot of her back posts she has a lot of very nicely done models. The only problem I have is that you have to dig through her posts to find them or the tutorials. 

Any way check out the contest and sign up, I know I am.


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