Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The new painting area

As part of the move I got a nice new desk set up that can store most of my painting/hobby related stuff.
As you can see its a nice writing desk hutch style.

The bottom shelves are over a foot deep which is great for storing stuff in them.

Here is the top part with some stuff laid out to go.

Overall I am happy with my new desk though the guy who made it did screw up a bit. For example the lock on the top part doesn't work. But all the little things are things I can fix myself in the future. This is even big enough to use my spray booth on. I however may need another light source or a better bulb.

As for upcoming projects. I am going to start by gluing on a few omni stands to DW and FSA stuff. Finish magnetizing a few models with my new tool, which I will review in the future. After that I am planing on painting that one left over DW Brit bomber and then moving on to another squad of Romans and maybe some titans. Suffice to say with my prep work over the past month plus before moving I have plenty of things ready to work on.

I will also be wrapping up the baccus reviews and post a few more painting how to's for various factions I have been working on. So with the settling in look forward to all the new content.

More as I get it done.

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