Sunday, September 1, 2013

The plan for my epic space marines

As the tittle says her is the plan for my chapter.
First company :  Total:1650 pts
                Vetran Company
                Terminator Detachment
                Chapter Master
                Combined Dreadnaught Squad
                Landraider Detachment
Second Company:  Total 1475pts
                Battle company
                Whirlwind Battery
                Landraider  detachment
                Bike squadron
Third Company: Total 1450 pts
                Battle Company
                Landraider detachment
                Whirlwind Battery
Bike Squadron
Fourth Company:  Total: 1350
                Battle Company
                Whirlwind Battery
                Landraider detachment
Fifth Company: Total 1350pts
                Battle Company
                Whirlwind battery
                Landraider detachment
Sixth Company: Total: 1250+pts
                Tactical Company
                Warlord titan
Seventh Company: Total: 1250+pts
                Tactical Company
                Warlord titan
Eighth Company: Total: 1350+pts
                Assault Company
                Bike Squadron
                Landspeeder typhoon Squad
                Warhound titan squad
Ninth Company: Total 1150+pts
                Devastator Company
                Whirlwind Battery
                Imperator Titan
Tenth Company: Total 575+pts
                Scout Company
                Warhound Titan

Overall total: 11475+pts

Now to be honest I would like to get my hands on some preds and vindicators. Plus another warhound, a couple of reavers and maybe some thunderhawks. However for some reason reavers and thunderhawks go for stupid prices now. Hell the prices were crazy to begin with. So I am not holding my breath.


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