Thursday, December 25, 2014

Ideas for next year

Here are some of the projects I am considering for this next year.

Tau- need a few models to finish the force and most of it is primed and based.
DZC- I have to starter forces to paint
Mercs- I want to paint my two starter sets
Terrain- battlezone stuff I have and other things.
Space marines- this  one I could work on more but cant finish till I get some specific bits for dreads and create/buy bits for 2 other squads.
Deadzone- I have 2 factions and extras to paint
Warzone, aka DKK- Got the guys and could easily start on building out the force.

So what are you guys thinking of doing? I'm still on the fence and trying to flush out my point system and goals for the next year. I also am working on a few reviews and figuring out how to create those tutorials. More as it comes up.


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