Monday, December 22, 2014

The year in review

Let's start with the goals for the year.
1. paint or sell more than I buy
2. finish off the core of my epic marines army
3. Finish off my FSA Dindrenzi force
4. Do a review a month
5. Paint 350 points worth.
6. Spend $350 or less.
7. Paint 1000 models
8. Paint at least 5000 actual points
9. Finish off the DW naval stuff.

Now let us take a look at  how I did.
1 and 7. This I did well on. I bought and had traded in 284 models. I painted and sent out 1140 models. So all in all a great job.
2. I finished off not only the core of my marines but also all of the detachments.
3. I finished off all of the FSA Dindrenzi models.
4. I tried to do this but honestly just didn't have the time and I got bored reviewing osprey stuff.
5. I actually painted 360 points, so I made my goal. The point system will be changing next year.
6. I ended up spending just over the $350. I spend a total of $377.80. I don't feel to bad on this one I did even better than last year. This will also change a bit next year in how I calculate.
8. I painted well over my goal in fact I think I painted four times my goal. I know I painted at least 15000 but I have a feeling I may have actually gotten over 20000.
9. This I finished off quickly at the beginning of the year.

So all in all it was a great year. Besides the spending and reviews I did very well. So that is that. Between this week and next I will reveal the plans for next year and set some new goals. Don't forget that I have a contest running until next month, to celebrate my 2nd continuous year of blogging.  And yes I am working on the how to for my earth shaker cannon with carriage.



  1. Wow at #1. That is a huge accomplishment!

    1. The joys of painting a chapter and extras in epic marines. Once I sit down and start my naps in 6mm it should be crazy as well.

  2. wow thats a lot of work! It must feel great to set out goals for the year and having that feeling of accomplishing them!

    1. Set goals that are reasonable but a bit challenging and the felling can also be yours.