Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Progress is progress

So first off, I sold off my Romans. So that adds an extra $140. Then again I also went and spent more money, but what you gona do, so that's -$54.70. Mainly I picked up the sci-fi crazy box by mantic and the acrylic token set for deadzone. I love the mantic idea of crazy box mainly due to price and its sci-fi focus this year. Great for all kinds of interesting little bits.

Then we have what I meant to post on Monday but was too sick to do so.
So I pretty much wraped up the priming of my scratch built earth shaker on carriage. Primed the manta, finished off the last of the epic detachments and started working on the 28mm marines again.

Soo that is not only my epic goal more then complete that is all of my current epic stuff complete. I think I may have a rouge warhound somewhere to paint but everything else I have is extra marine stuff.
Points wise that's another 9.75 points and 22 more models done.

More as I get it done. 


  1. Love the earth shaker cannon...that is a beast of a piece!

    1. Thanks if you look closely you can see the parts for the two others I am making on the desk. Thinking I may do a tutorial on how I made them for other people to follow. Not sure though.