Thursday, December 25, 2014

Review of Mantic Sci-fi Crazy box

Lets start with the contents.

1 connector sprue
2 accessory sprues
2 ruins sprues

1 maruader raptor

1 Helfather metal mini
1 Plague Teraton
5 man enforcer troop booster
3 man plague troop booster
2 man maruader specialist booster

1 Praetorian
1 Anne-Marie helder
 and what appears to be Ludwig

1 Kow poster

Now the pros and cons. Yes its worth the money overall value wise. I personally don't have much use for the dreadball stuff, and i cant believe I got another raptor, that's my 3rd from crazy boxes. However, out of all these minis this year they included only 1 base... 1 out of more than a dozen models. The only other sorta grumpy complaint I have is they one of the ruined sprues has piles of debris that you put together, I only have half of one pile due to there sprue selections. Other than that I like it and may actually buy another. I also received my set of acrylic deadzone counters, on first look they are nice but they seem to be rather small. Shipping was nice and fast though. I am considering getting another.


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