Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Models I painted

So here is what I painted.

FSA Dindrenzi:
1 battleship
3 cruisers
1 carrier
6 frigates

Dw Brits:
1 bomber
6 tokens
6 excorts
1 aircraft carrier

1 random gundam
1 Gretchin
1 Betty mini from Bombshell

40k Tau:
2 heavy gundrones
4 broadsides
4 crisis suits
12 stealth suits
2 devilfish
1 shadowsun

Epic 40k:
First company :  
                Vetran Company
                Terminator Detachment
                Chapter Master
                Combined Dreadnaught Squad
                Landraider Detachment
Second Company: 
                Battle company
                Whirlwind Battery
                Landraider  detachment
                Bike squadron
Third Company: 
                Battle Company
                Landraider detachment
                Whirlwind Battery
Bike Squadron
Fourth Company:  
                Battle Company
                Whirlwind Battery
                Landraider detachment
                Thudd gun Battery
Fifth Company: 
                Battle Company
                Whirlwind battery
                Landraider detachment
                Rapier Battery
Sixth Company: 
                Tactical Company
                Warlord titan
                Tarantuala Support Battery
Seventh Company: 
                Tactical Company
                Warlord titan
Eighth Company: 
                Assault Company
                Bike Squadron
                Landspeeder typhoon Squad
                Warhound titan squad
Ninth Company: 
                Devastator Company
                Whirlwind Battery
                Thunderhawk Lander 
Tenth Company: 
                Scout Company

                Warhound Titan

Yeah that's a lot of stuff. My favorite for the year was the Betty mini. She was a lot of fun to paint and inspired me as soon as I saw it. More to come and don't forget to check out the contest.

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