Saturday, January 10, 2015

Painting Table Saturday #2 2015

First off I finally got my refund from wayland games. And promptly spent most of it getting what I tried to get in the first place. So expect some new stuff showing up in the next month or so. Also don't forget that your blog can be feature in the Painting Table Saturday blog list and maybe even in a post itself. Just drop me a line with your blog info and commit to posting at least once a month with the Painting Table Saturday tag and your all good.

Next up my son finally got me to break out all the mantic games Battle zone stuff. So we built two good size 1 story buildings and started constructing some walkways to. They aren't glued yet but will be when the final design is decided upon.

Next the painting, the first earth shaker and 4 of the marines are almost finished. They all need a little touch up and a few final details done for them to be finished.

More as I get it done guys. Don't forget there is a short time left before the competition finishes. Make sure to go sign up.

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