Sunday, January 11, 2015

Review Deadzone Boxed game

This review was written as a first impression almost 6 months ago and then promptly forgotten about and never published. I have decided to only edit it in general and publish it because I honestly still haven't played a single game of anything in the past year never mind the past 6 months. Which on another note is something I hope to change this year. It also is just a nice splurge of things that interest me or I like in general about the rules.

So here are the things I caught my interest or I liked  about the Deadzone rule set/boxed game.
-The diagrams in the book overall are well done
-cover, you either are in cover or not, no middle ground and cover is determined for the whole cube not model to model.
- has a similar exploding die mechanic to Spartan games stuff but is also different enough to make it interesting., there is also a double and triple mechanic for successes.
- straight up equal or beat the needed score for dice rolls
-Scatter is based on the rollers point of view
- multi level terrain and rules for dealing with things like falling
- LOS has two types point and area. Point is like 40k TLOS and area is just being able to see into the cube.
- Weapon range and movement are based on the cube format.
- the states of models are undamaged, injured and dead.
-deployment- deployment is done via the card mechanic
-winning, 10 vp, kill everyone, time out with card mechanic and of course concede.
- has built in stuff for doing campaigns
-Vp are determined by using the card mechanic to get your Missions
- the terrain is great just wish there was more in the box

What I don't like or fancy
- Some of  the models are just hideous
-some models in the book still can not be bought
-these next couple are more of design problem in some ways
           -no quick reference sheet
           -no contents sheet for the boxed game or instructions for minis ( have to figure it out based on whats on the box which is annoying)

Now these two problems to be far are not as much of a problem for seasoned wargamers but it does cause problems for people who bought it on a whim or using it as a gateway to other games.

Overall I like it though and cant wait to assemble and play some games.


  1. I find that most of Mantic's models tend to be pretty horrific overall. They are made out of a terrible restic type material, which is just awful to work with, and the sculpt quality is generally pretty poor.

    Their game designs though are top notch, and I have heard really good things about Deadzone. You should try dreadball. It is a really fun game that does not take too long to play, and has a surprising amount of depth tomit too. Mantic are really pushing it at the moment too, to try and get worldwide leagues tables going ect, so it is very well supported as well.

  2. I found its hit and miss model wise. Working with them can be annoying. Even the terrain sometimes can. I'm planning on modifying the deadzone and 40k stuff a bit so me and the oldest can easily play different games with it.