Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Spending update and more specific plans for January and February

First off spending. I spent some money on the wargames vault sale, Roman seas, and on a few older heavy weapon marines.  So that is another -$38.00 we are going to say. I thinks its a little less but don't feel like getting into the math on x day for currency conversion.

Next up, the plans. For the next two months I have certain painting goals I would like to reach.
1. The 7 marines on my table.
2. The 3 tau marksmen
3. The earth shaker
4.The Rvanar and its drones
5.the warhound
6. The 9 sniper drones
7. The marbel tutorial (or at least my first shot)
8. At least the 1st part of the earth  shaker tutorial.
9. At least 1 review

It is a lot of things but I think I can pull it off. Don't forget the competition ends in about 2 weeks so go sign up for it.