Monday, January 12, 2015

The Year long Tau project

I finally sat down and got a list of most of the models I own. I actually have less tau to paint then I though and a lot of extra pieces running around. I would like to add at least 5 more models later this year as well but we will have to wait and see on that front. Not counting the models I have on the desk here is what I seem to have.

26x pathfinders
32x fire warriors
1x cadre fireblade
1x darkstrider
2x Kroot shapers
3x pathfinder drones
5x mark light drones
4x shield drones
2x missile drones
9x sniper drones
10x gun drones
1x cc drone
3x xv9's with fusion cascades
1x commander shas'o r'alai

Unfortunately I couldn't find my kroot but I think I have around 25 or so. I also have another 20 or so drone bodies running around that I kit out into other types. I think I could also build a few more suits with the bits I have running around.

Better than I thought though, I have only about 100 models to paint to finish these guys off maybe 125 or so once I find those Kroot.



  1. Should make some sort of chart that you can cross these suckers off as you finish them! For the greater good of course.

    1. Honestly I only do that for the crazy big projects like my epic marines or the 6mm Prussians I've been getting together. For the smaller projects it just takes away to much hobby time.