Monday, July 29, 2013

End of month round up

So the month for spending has technically been good. I finished with +47.54. However, I am still in the negatives and have cleaned out almost all of my extra stuff.

July: +$47.54
YTD Total: -$270.95

On the painting front I have done nothing. Well not nothing but have made no points. Everything I have done has been priming and base coating for future stuff. Given that when this is all looked at it will be about 200 models minimum that's not to bad and should take me much closer to my 500 point goal. So:

July: 0 points
YTD total: 252.75

I should get some done next month after the movie and will hopefully be able to make up for it. Even better is if I can get some done before the move but at the moment I have no idea.

I will be using some of my time to also figure how many points I have actually painted (model point cost wise) and how much I think I have left. Anyway more updates to come over next few days. Painting update bare minimum and maybe some stuff on model counts I have done.

Till then,

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