Friday, July 5, 2013

Last update of the week

Alright this overall week has been rather productive. I managed to find a green I liked and base coated all the primed tau. I have managed to assemble most of the other tau as well. I think there are about 2 dozen models left to assemble. I plan on priming most of the currently assembled models tonight. Most of the models that need to be assembled are crisis suits and a couple broadsides, the rest are fire warriors. Hopefully, I will have all these guys rebuilt, primed and based by next wed. Then I will probably prime my Romans since they are already mostly assembled. I have also been working on foam for my cases (sorry no pics). Anyway next hobby update on Monday or Tuesday.

most of the based tau

tau waiting to be primed and based

some almost assembled tau

fire warriors, mostly assembled should take 20min tops to finish

Until then

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