Thursday, July 18, 2013

The end of the week update

So here is what I have managed to complete in the last few days. First off I assembled 2 crisis suits, a broad side and 2 crisis/broadside models. I also found the missing marksman I had and rebuilt him, along with the last 4 sternguard models. I also assembled a old beetle back warlord and an old warhound for epic. On top of  that I also finished fixing and touching up my imperator titan for epic. I also have another warhound going through its bath so I can strip and repaint.

The other big thing I started doing this week was foam. I forgot to take 1 picture but, the two below will give you an idea. The two small gw cases I had kicking around I have outfitted with foam that I will use for all my FSA and DW. Might also use it for my DZC but will have to wait and see.

That's about it for this week. Will try and get this stuff primed and base coated over the weekend. So I can get it all put away. I do however need to go get some liquid green stuff so I can hide the seems on my DZC PHR before I build/paint them.

More as it comes to me and I am trying to also work on more bacus posts. I have just been having trouble deciding how I want to present it all.


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