Saturday, July 20, 2013

Spending in July

Well after the dust cleared on my ebay marathon I came out with 116.35 in profit. I got ride of 3 rhinos, an attack bike, bunch infinity stuff and the mantic. My profit was so low because I really really screwed up on shipping costs and had to eat it. The actual income before shipping was $271.41 but with me charging less then half the cost in some cases for shipping it killed me. Stupid me in this case for not checking to see if the post office had changed its fee structure. This really killed me on 2 particular boxes because I charged in total like $19.00 but it ended up costing over $40 for the two. :(  I then of course spent some money and bought another FSA dindrenzi Starter box. Keeping my eye on few things it would be nice to have but mainly I just need to get liquid green stuff to fix up the DZC models and maybe some more paint for tau.

So this month looks as below so far.

Ebay: +$116.35 (after fees, shipping etc.)
FSA: -$42.66

Month so far: +$73.69

Hopefully I want go to crazy buying much more and can roll that into the debt so far.

That's it for now.

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