Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Why Apocalypse and GW are failing for me

Let us start with this isn't a rant just more of a side note. When I was young I loved the idea of apocalypse and would often play huge point games. This was back in 3rd when there was no apocalypse. But as an adult with a family I just can't justify playing an apoc game. Even getting time for the 2000-2500 point games I used to play just a few years ago is hard. This for me is the major turn off for apoc now. It is also the prime reason I have never bothered to buy any super heavies. What I would like to see from gw is a reasonably priced (I know I am dreaming) set of campaign books that can be used as a jump point for people. The ones they did in the past were disappointing but with many competing companies doing similar things that are a lot of fun and well done I think it would be a great idea.

I also like many others feel they really dropped the ball on their one click purchase deals. With well over 3k points in all of my armies there is no need for me to buy those deals and there is no real discount.

On the point of failing, GW in general is very much pricing me out of the hobby all together. I would love to redo the army I first had when I started over 15 years ago. But at current prices it costs more than double what I paid. I am hoping that we will see prices go down in the future but doubt it. It is even more killer when you live outside Europe or north america as prices are even higher than normal. Thankfully it isn't as bad as living in Australia here but it's still more expensive. An example is the apoc book which is one of the smallest price increases. it is around $88.00 here. No discount available really. Something like the new Khorn lord of skulls is going to cost close to $180. Normally in a year between all of my games and supplies I spend maybe $500. I have already sold off two of my armies in the past year just because I cant afford to keep them up to date just book wise. With books costing around $80 each I only buy the books and keep new models to bare minimum. A good example is my tau. I bought a box of pathfinders and will buy a broadside this year. Combined with the book that's almost half my normal spending gone for the year. So after my next broadside unless I do well on ebay I wont be buying the SM codex. The rest of the cash will be spent on my other games.

I would love to know whats going to happen in the future. I have even been considering selling off my SM army as well since I cant afford to keep even 2 armies. For me this is a huge difference back at my peak of GW love (about 8 years ago) I owned 6 armies (SM,CSM,IG,DE,Tau,Orcs). Never mind my 3 WHFB armies. I also owned all the codexs and did WD every month etc etc. Now I am having hard time justifying to myself keeping even 2 armies.

It makes me wonder how much longer GW will have the support it does. I have loved my time with GW through the ups and downs of editions, man did 4th kill my khorne army. (Ah back when I bought my whole Khorne army for $250. I will definitly keep 1 army through the future. But I will probably no longer bother with spending half my budget a year on GW.

Sorry about the wall of text and such. But this has been stewing in my mind for a while. Hopefully somehow someone from Gw will see it and think about it.

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