Monday, July 1, 2013

Things done over the weekend

I finished assembling all the stealth suits, striped a batch of fire warriors/pathfinders and started priming. I primed half of a devilfish, the two broadsides and then started on the FSA Aqua forces. Then I ran out of paint. I have to go find my bigger bottle of primmer so that I can finish off priming everything I have built.

a few FSA Aqua halfway done, as a side note I plan on doing there base coat as Jade green and gems in an orange color

All the 40k stuff on airbrushing area, there are still  a lot of models on my painting table waiting to be moved to air bushing area, never mind in storage (romans)

The whole airbrushing area

Over the next few days I plan on stripping the last of the firewarriors/pathfinders. Re assembling as many tau as possible and priming everything I can. My moving date has been moved up to the beginning of next month so I am rushing to get as much done as possible. The current list of goals is:

1. FSA aqua, primed and base coated
2. Tau primed and base coated
3. Prime, base coat and paint last DW Brit bomber
4. remaining Romans primed
5. Epic 40k Primed
6. Assemble more epic 40k
7. assemble and prime last of space marines
8. Start dropzone commander assembly and priming
9. Start priming 6mm Prussians

The only other goal I have for this month is ebaying off a bunch of  extras/stuff I don't use. For example, I have a bunch of Pan O, 3 rhinos and an attack bike to get ride of.

Another update on Wed on what I have done.
Till then

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