Friday, December 24, 2010

Test model for my marines

First off sorry about the photo quality but here is the first test model for my codex space wolf army, though as is obvious not space wolf coloured. The base is Mechrite Red with a wash of Leviathan Purple. details are picked out in Chaos Black and Burnished Gold. The sword was done with Tentacle Pink and then a Leviathan Purple wash since its a power weapon. He still needs more touch up work as well.

I also did the same for this rhino, though I have set it up to be a razorback or pred or whatever I need. Still need to do turrets and a cap for the turret area when its a rhino. This is because I was foolish on them and glued them turret up instead of leaving it unglued. It also needs a lot more touch up work.

Till next time.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stripping and painting tips

Today I would like to bring to peoples attention to specific blogs. First is . This blog has a lot of useful tips and links to other peoples tips such as this one . Which I personally used for stripping paint off of about 2 dozen models. Best of all it uses nail polish remover which is cheap and less nasty then a lot of other stripping agents people use. So check them out. Do note if you use nail polish remover more then once some of the thinner plastic falls apart, bases and weapon straps in my experience


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So Sorry

Finally back, sorry about the lack of posts but life and then not being able to figure out my log ins and such have delayed me until now on getting back on and rdy to post. Anyway expect some painting related posts in the future as i tackle all the great models i still need to paint.