Sunday, November 29, 2015

6MMRPC/ Painting Table #51 2015

I actually finished these guys last week. Just hadn't had time to post. I also touched up colors on the other two.
So I finished off three more of the models. I have two more left to do. But doubt I will finish them before the end of the 6MMRPC.


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

6MMRPC/ Painting Table #50 2015

So far this week I painted 2 of the nomads and worked on basing. As many long term readers now I hate basing. So I picked something up to make my life easier and gave it a test run on my DZC infantry. There will be a full review at a later date after I mess around with it more.

So that is two more models finished. More as I get them done.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Black Friday/ Holiday Sales for miniwargaming

OK guys this is just a quick cheat list of companies that I have seen are doing sales. The same thing I did last year which I usually make for myself so I can find some good deals. Please remember that I am not responsible for anything, this is just information I have gathered and felt is good to share.
I will try and note there dates if I can.

Anvil Industry- seems to be a one day event (Nov 27)

The Ion Age- Nov 27th to Nov 30 Free shipping for 10GBP or more and sales on different products till Dec 1st it seems.

Wild West Exodus- Nov  27-Nov 30, 10-50% off products.

Warlord Games- Nov 23- Nov 30, Tank deals for bolt action and other unreleased deals closer to Black Friday.

Kromlech- Nov 27th unknown deals.

Dragon Forge- Nov 22- Nov 29, special package deals.

Flames of War - Nov 19- Dec 1, 33% off all flames of war stuff.

AntiMatter Games - 25% off with code. Now till end of December.

Dreamforge games - Now through Dec 1st

Spartan games - No idea on an end date but sale is on now.

Fantasy Flight Games - Nov 18- Nov 30

Wyrd - Nov 26- Dec 2

Newline Designs -No dates available, 25% off a lot of stuff

Bandua - Some sort of sale on Nov 27th.

The War Store - Nov 25th- Dec 1

Guild Ball - on the 27th, doing to releases of miniatures.

Customeeple - Nov 27-30, decreasing discount, starts at 20%

Mad Robot Miniatures - 10-20% off, Nov 27th only

Splintered light miniatures - Nov 24-28 25% off with code

As usual if you know of any others drop me a line so I can add it to the list for everyone. There is one company however, that I will not even mention the name of, that is doing deals but I will not mention due to there horrible service. Also as usual this is non commercial, I gain nothing for letting you guys know about these.

Hope is helps.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

6MMRPC/Painting Table #49 2015

A lot of progress. Mainly I finished everything up. In fact the paint is still wet on them.
I used quiet a few paints on them in order to get the effect.

 Then I completed 37 models in total for this project. This also wraps up all my year and 6MMRPC projects.

Honestly, not sure what I will work on next. Mainly because I need to think of paint schemes.
Suggestions as always are welcomed. Ether project or technique. Oh and yellow really is a pain to paint.


Monday, November 16, 2015

6MMRPC/ Painting Table #48 2015

Just thought I would drop this quick update to show what the Shaltari look like with all the yellow now done.

That's a base, an ink and then 3 very light coats of another yellow looks like as of now. Hopefully I can get these guys finished off in the next week or so.


Friday, November 13, 2015

6MMRPC/ Painting Table #47 2015

This week I managed to finish the PHR and start on the Shaltari. The shaltari have been primed, based and inked. No pictures though because I had a bottle of paint explode well  squezing it and it made a heck of a mess.

Here is the PHR though.

Overall, I am happy with how they turned out though I changed my original plan because they were to orange. The new scheme I like more. Now if I can finish off the Shaltari by the end of the month not only will I complete all my goals for 6MMRPC but also all my year long goals, I think. Anyway, 52 more models done. More as I get it done.


Friday, November 6, 2015

6MMRPC/ Painting Table #46 2015

It was a massively productive week. I managed to prime not only all of the guys you saw assembled the past couple of weeks. But also all of the left over deadzone buildings I made and all my DZC stuff.
I then followed this up by priming, basing and other such things my DZC PHR.

 Finally, I also did up a planet/small sun.

More as I get it done.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Painting Tip??

I had a lot of time to think on my mercs models durring the craze of assembling all those other models. The one thing I can think of that I really did different is the dry brushing.

This was done in a few ways.
1. I used more than 1 color.
2. I used a new style of brush.

Now the one I can explain is the brush so I figured I would toss this out there.
Behold the dry brush.

That is right. It is a make up brush for doing eye shadow.
I rembered reading somewhere years ago that they were great for dry brushing. I think it was a combination of price, strength of the bristles, and shape retention. That made them so good. I would also add the range of sizes are good to.

I picked this one up for like 1.50 on sale earlier this year, normal price is like 3 dollars. So give it a try, its cheap and it may just work out better for you and your wallet.


Sunday, November 1, 2015

6MMRPC/ Painting Table #45 2015

Progress has been in the assembly department. Some you have already heard about or seen.
I assembled all of my deadzone minis(enoforcers, plague, zombies +extras), the infinity starter, and then  but ton of frostgrave/mordheim models. That's it, about 100 models assembled, though the ogers and cats need bases. Hopefully more progress this week in the painting department.