Wednesday, March 27, 2013

next batch of marines

First of all sorry for the late post, I was stuck at work until rather late. So here is the next batch of marines, 6 heavy bolters and 8 Black reach marines. My current plan is to paint the 3 spotters, 4 plasma guns, 4 multi-meltas, 3 flamers and 6 lascannon marines.

This finally brings me past my second goal. Updated totals are:

March: 49points
YTD total: 125 points

I am also thinking of reworking my final goal. Mainly because 300 seems to easy. What do you guys think I should move it up to?

Hopefully another post later this week.
Until then.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Broke my own rules

First off I have not quite made the 125 point goal but as you will see in tomorrow's post I am only a few points a way and maybe able to even finish painting the last few points tonight. So I decide to order my minis and such and went big on it.

I ordered the following
-$96.88 Dzc Shaltari Starter
-$70.06 Dzc braves, neptune, immortals and FSA rule book
-$54.19 Fsa Dindrenzi starter

This enables me to play both FSA and DZC now that I have two factions for both. This brings this months expenditures to:

March: +$538.10 -$165.00 -$221.13 =$161.97

YTD total: $32.44

I think I will end up back in the negatives because I still need to do a order for omni stands and when I finally get around the 200 point mark I want a baccus 6mm Napoleonic Prussian army.

Until tomorrow's painting update


Monday, March 25, 2013

YTD spending update

So as promised here is the spending update. Sorry for it being late has been crazy past 5 days.

Compressor: $100.85
General hobby stuff (mainly for airbrushing): $64.15

March: $538.10- $165.00= $373.10
YTDtotal: $253.57

I am also in the process of buying a bunch of new models. Mainly more DZC and Firestorm armada.

Will update them once I buy them which will happen when I reach my goal of 125 points. Mainly because they will all be box sets. Mainly the shaltari starter and a dindrenzi starter and the firstorm armada rule book.

Painting post probably wednesday and an update on purchases around then to.

until then

Thursday, March 21, 2013

missile launchers and tank bits

As can be seen from  the first picture, I have now finished off all the basic tank bits though I still need to actually fit the turret things into the models. Btw does anyone actually know what those are called?? Turrets doesn't seem right.

Next up we have the 5 missile launching touting marines I finished (still missing the 6th),

And finally we have all the works in progress. My focus is the heavy bolters at the moment and about 6 just plain old marines from the BR set. After that I will finish off the lascannons.

Which brings us to the points part so:
March: 35points
YTD: 111points
Left until final goal: 189points

Thanks for peaking and now back to learning how to use my airbrush.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New toy and pictures of even more progress

Hello everyone. To start with we have my new air compressor  I will be doing a review in the future and maybe a more in depth look of the company that makes it and my spray booth since they aren't well known outside of South Korea, I think.
 The next 3 pictures is everything on my workbench at the moment. Got 3 range finding guys for heavy weapon squads, 5 missile launchers (one seems to be MIA), 6 heavy bolters, 6 lascannon and 12 guys I still need to decide how to kit out. Along with the almost complete rhino/razorback pieces and the work in progress, magnetized razorback turret (still need 1 more of these).

Another update on painting later this week and a spending one as well. Also has anyone ever used the easy mud product from Marutechnics?

until then

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

rhino/razorback and preview of upcoming stuff

one rhino and one more rhino/razorback finished.

Next up are some pics of all the stuff I am working on for the 3 tanks. 

And I am also working on a magnetized twin lascannon, twin heavy bolter, twin assault cannon, and lascannon-plasma turret.
After conversions I will do some more marines I think.
So that brings the painting scores up to
March: 30 points
YTD: 106 points

Monday, March 11, 2013

March YTD spending

It's been a good month. I sold my imperial guard army on feebay. Now to decide how to spend the money. Number 1 on the list is a compressor so I can use the spray booth finally.  The breakdown is as follows:

Sold for $600
feebay/paypal -$24.70
shipping: -$37.20
remaining: 538.10
So that puts
March: $538.10
YTD: $418.57

nice to be in the positives. Unfortunately, I think most of that will go to compressor set up and odds and ends for current projects.

Painting update later this week.
till then

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Kickstarters that look good

Today, I thought I would point out some kickstarters I have seen that I would love to get into.
First up is Mutant chronicles warzone resurrection. I am mainly interested in this one because  I really like the   Brotherhood models. I am also a little interested in the Bauhaus models as well. Not even really worried about the rules I just like the models.

Next is the empire of the dead requim one. This one I admit I just like the premise of the game. Not sure on the models, it's kind of love hate with many of them.

Finaly, is the one I am most excited about Thon.  Not only do I love the models but I love the idea of the game. Love me robots.

Anyway hope this points out some games you might consider. If anyone knows any others let me know. Now I need to do more work on the painting challenge so I can actually buy some of these.

Until then,

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wahoo progress

Below is the next unit of 20 romans that I have now completed, still need to figure out how I want to base all these guys though.
Next up I have the two rhinos/razorbacks I am currently working on.
So this brings my painting total up some more.
March: 20 points
YTD total: 96 points

Now I just need to figure out what to paint after the rhinos/razorbacks.

till then,

Some blogs I love

This post is as the tittle says. There are 3 particular blogs that I often frequent.

First, which is one I look at many times each day is Tabletop fix. I love this blog because it is always introducing new models and games to me but doing it in a way where I don't feel like they are trying to sell them to me. So check it out.

Next would be Tale of painters. This site I enjoy digging through for their tutorials and reviews. Never mind  the nicely painted models.

The story for Pirate viking painting is the same as the last one. Love the tutorials and the nicely painted models.

Finaly, is my most reason find by the chance of actually looking to see what some of my followers do or follow. Coloured Dust, here is once again a tutorial section I like that is well organized and lots of nice models to look at. I plan on trying some of the basing ideas from this website.

So check these blogs out, also drop me a line if you know any other good blogs. I am trying hard to find some good 6mm, 10mm and tutorial blogs.

Later today, my time, I will post a painting update.
Until then,

Monday, March 4, 2013

February spending YTD and Painting challenge YTD

Honestly, I am a little disappointed in my painting results but couldn't avoid a lot of the things that caused me not to finish my 20 man roman unit I have been working on. However, all in all it was still a good month.

On the YTD spending I spent nothing in february but also sold nothing. This I plan on changing this month. Probably by feebay. So the grand total for spending is as follows:

Jan: -$119.53
Feb: $0.00
YTD total: -$119.53

As for the paining challenge I did well but not as good as I would have liked. This was mainly due to the many holidays in the past month and people getting sick (me included). It was however, better than last month. This month did see the completion of the first two 20 man units of Romans  the completion of 6 plasma cannon marines, 5 assault marines and 1 razorback/predator type tank (to be determined when I order the bits). So the YTD painting challenge is:

Jan: 20 points
Feb: 76 points
YTD total: 96 points
Left until goal: 204

On the table at the moment is the 20 man unit I have been working on and 2 rhino/razorback tanks. I will post later this week when I make a bit more progress on them.

Until then,

ps. I am still looking for some good 10mm blogs especially ancients/Napoleonic themed.