Thursday, October 23, 2014

Update and my bday

So been a while but here is some of whats been going on. First off I cleaned and organized all my hobby stuff which is the picture above. Next is a bunch of models I got for my bday this week. I got a xv107, 2 xv9 with fusion cascades that brings me to a full squad of 3 and of course commander Shaso ralai. This together will add a great amount of firepower and should be fun to paint as well.  More as I get it painted.

That's also 2 more models for the year.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Boom goes the 180 marines???

I know strange title, but I honestly couldn't think of anything better. I haven't updated since my last post because I have been working and painting and just not writing about it.

Here are the epic space marines 6th and 7th companies finished off, hence the 180 marines. That is 36 bases between the two companies.

That is a huge 45 points for done ... And getting me soooo close to my points goal,

Oct: 57.50
YTD points: 299.50

Models painted: 929 models
So A nice chunk of stuff done and I am very close to finishing yet  another goal for the year.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Some more epic finished

Managed to finish off the rhinos and the command stands for the 6th and 7th tactical companies.

I am also working on the 36 stands of guys to go with them. This will leave me I believe with only 1 company left to paint. And then detachments. Anyway that is 30 more models finished.
Oct : 12.50 points
Ytd: 254.50points
Models painted: 749

Picture of the desk tomorrow with everything I am working on.