Monday, December 30, 2013

Goals for the new year and plans

So a new year more models and some new things. To start off lets get down and look at my painting and spending goals.

Points: 350- I bit higher than last years original goal but also leaves me room to beat this years.
Actual points painted: 5000- same as this years I think I can easily do this with what I currently own.
Spending: $350- A little more realistic this year. I think it is also possible since I wont need to spend huge amounts on new equipment.
Models painted: 1000- I am going bit crazy on this but I am also considering the fact that I have a ton of epic and 6mm Prussians to paint. So I think it is possible.

Now for some other painting goals not based on points or anything.
1. Complete my epic SM chapter- For this I am talking the 1st-10th companies. Though I still need more scouts in order to do this.
2. Finish painting the rest of my FSA dindrenzi.- they are almost there though I may also add more to my two core forces.
3. Finish off my DW naval stuff- I still have some frigates running around and a bomber that needs paint.
4. Buy less models than I paint- I am thinking of doing a point system for this but haven't decided.

After those 3 I would really like to get my Prussians moving. I have completed most of the research for colors but still have a bit more to write out. I am not including them on the list at the moment mainly because finishing off that force will be almost as crazy as finishing off the Epic stuff.

Next up new things I want to do or try.
1. I want to do at least 1 book review a month probably of osprey stuff since I have a ton of them.
2. I want to look at a bunch of new rule sets as you saw in a post from a few weeks ago.
3. More stuff on wargaming with little ones, maybe once a month.
4. More reviews- I want to continue to review anything I can get my hands on, I fig I should be able to do at least 15 a year based off of my normal buying habits. Paint, books, models whatever I got.

Anyone those are my ideas. What do you guys think?

Sunday, December 29, 2013

the post christmaa update on stuff we got

My son and I both got a lot of hobby related stuff that you will probably see featured on the site in the future. I'll do reviews on the hobby gear and I am thinking some sort of battle report for some games me and my oldest play.

My oldest got quite a nice lot of minis to use in his games and immediately after getting them grabbed his other models and the large dice I let him use  and started playing with them on the bed.
sorry for the bad pic the boxes are bellow.

These little gundams are cheap (here anyway) and come apart easily. However, they do make great little models to use because of these same factors. They were about $4 each.

with some of his new mechs and tanks from the wizkids clix range

the lego boat didn't get used much but the destroy and cruiser were then used for an impromptu game with his uncle were he seemed to roll nothing but 5's and 6's

 Now my side is much less impressive I got a nice gundam model, a P3 wet palette and some brushes.
The gundam model is actually what inspired half of the new paint job on the tau. Never mind, it looks cool.
The wet palette and refill pads are things  I have  wanted for a while. I tried making a few of my own and they never were the right size or worked out right so hopefully this one works out well, review to come once I have a chance to use it. The brushes are Raphael size 0 and 00, review for them once I use them as well.

Well that's it for now.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 was a good year

I have managed to accomplish more than I thought I would in this past year.
Lets take a quick look at were I succeeded and failed.

Finished off the Roman Army I have had for awhile.
Painted 5435 actual points.
Completed a total of 3 forces completely

Got only 360.75 points out of my goal of 500. Honestly I don't feel bad on this though I am a little aggravated.
Spending: goal was $250. Actually spent $423.01. This one I'm happy that I managed to stay under $500. I think my goal of $250 was unrealistic in hind sight. Especially how in years past without selling anything I often spent $800-$1500  a year.

Now the question of course is were can I improve. Well one of the main areas I can see for improvement is being more consistent. My points and painting were crazy. Partly because of the move and injury but also just because of a need for better time management. I have a few ideas on how to improve on this one and while be trying them out in the future.

Another of course is my painting. To be honest some of my Romans I am not completely satisfied with and I think that may be partly due to me just getting burnt out from doing to many of them. Specifically one squad after another. I think the idea of paint one unit of x and then one different force of x will work much better for me in the future.

On a personal note I am also proud of the fact that I managed to post so much this year. Get over 10000 visitors and had some great conversations with people. Which leads me to thanking you guys. All you people who lurk or actually subscribe. The pms and even the few comments have helped me stay engaged and motivated me to continue on. Next post will be about my plans for next year.


Friday, December 27, 2013

Popular posts 2013 in review

The list of the posts with the most views this year is interesting.

Jul 30, 2013
Nov 6, 2013
Aug 23, 2013, 2 comments
Sep 13, 2013

I find it interesting that the top two posts are related to firestorm armada the fact that two of the kid gaming also made it in is interesting as well. Especially since I know I am not a good writer. The kid gaming I want to continue doing as often as possible because it is a subject near and dear to my heart. It is also something I think many parents will encounter at some point in there war gaming life.

Thanks for a great year everyone.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

A decision

I have decided I am going to sell off my space marines. As readers will know this is something I have been debating for a while. But with the limited space and budget restraints never mind an over loss of interest in having so many 40k forces, they have to go is the short and sweet of it.  For those who may be interested through here I have the following in various stages. I would prefer to get ride of it in 1 go and will include bits I have. I would also consider selling off larger lots. All together its worth around $750 retail.

17x terminators (based and primed, bits to complete included)
2x oop terminator librarians from Space hulk genestealer expansion (based and primed)
1x metal chaplain with jump pack (based and primed)
20x metal sternguard (based and primed)
10x assault marines (5 painted, 5 based and primed, 2 with plasma pistols. bits included)
6x marines with lascannons (painted)
6x marines with heavy bolters (painted)
6x marines with plasma cannons (painted)
5x marines with missile launchers (painted)
16x marines (8 painted/8 primed and based/ bits included to complete)
3x marines with targeters from Devestator box sets (painted)
5x scouts with marine heads (based/primed/ bits included)
4x marines converted plasma guns (have tau BS plasma guns will take them off if you dont want them/painted)
3x marines converted flamers (have tau BS flamers will take them off if you dont want them/painted)
4x marines converted melta guns (have tau BS fusion guns will take them off if you dont want them/painted)
1x rhino (painted)
1x razorback (painted, gun included unassembled was in process of magnetizing, gun is unpainted)
1x rhino/razorback (no turret, painted)

I will also be posting on BT to see if I can get anything I want for them. For those who may want to trade for them there will be  a list of what I am interested in getting or need at the top of the page. If you got an offer for something you may think I like hit me up.

termies two on the front right are the oop ones (extra bits included)
this is a painted example of the oop terminator librarians 

tac marines and 3 spotters (bits included to finish)

chaplain with JP and sternguard

scouts with marine heads (bits included)

assault marines (bits included)

converted special weapons

heavy weapons

rhino, razorback and a rhino/razorback

In the same spirit I am actually considering getting ride of my Romans as well but for slightly different reason. I want to get into smaller scales. In the space my Romans take up I can store 3 or maybe even 6mm forces. Never mind the fact that I really want to expand with Calvary and war machines. Which when it comes to ancients here means I have a better chance of getting to play. I haven't decided yet though. I am thinking thought that if I do I want to go either 6mm or 10mm.  So anyone able to recommend anything in those scales. For 6mm I really only know of baccus.


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

update on the injury

The hand was steadily getting worse again and it seems I may have done real damage and may require surgery, though its still to early to tell. So there will be no real painting   till mid January probably.

Till then ill do hobby articles and such, I hope though typing with 1 hand is a pain.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Kid gaming: Junior general edition

For those of you that haven't heard of it there is a great website called Junior general. Now lets talk about why this site is great. It is all paper craft and completely free. Now I know some people look down on paper craft based models or games but I think that they are great. Specifically for those of us with young kids. This literally combines not only crafting activities but encourages them to learn about history and learn to enjoy it. The categories covered range from ancients all the way to scifi and alt history. There are many scenarios and rule sets all included on the site and from what I can tell a rather active forum.
no not that paper craft

closer to what we are talking about

Now I have yet to use any of these but I think they will be a huge asset in the future. Now I'm not talking just buildings to play with but models you can actually build, never mind buildings, terrain or whatever else you can imagine. Lets talk about why this is so great.
1. Free
2. Paper based
3. wide range of eras
4. wide range of types
5. designed with kids in mind
now that's what we are talking about

For me number 5 is one of the biggest points that make this site stand out. From the few scenarios with rules I have looked at I think that with minimal tweaking many of them would be suitable for 7+ without a problem and maybe even 5+. There is so much on this website that I am still trying to filter through it all and figure out what to try first. I will let you guys now how it goes when I do. But in the meantime give it a whirl and let me know what you guys think.


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Slight update

My hand was hurting a bit less so I decided to fix some of my models and my sons battle tech stuff.

Hopefully this means I can get back to painting within a week or so.


Friday, December 20, 2013

The differences

So what are the big differences between KOW and WAB. Well first off the lists for ancients are not official lists. They have been generated mainly by 1 individual with some feed back. What else is different you ask. Well much like HC you don't remove individual models you remove units.  The key state for determining this is Nerve. Which effects how resistant they are to damage and their training and discipline.  Units are also classified in 3 ways, routed, steady and wavering. Routed is running, steady is normal and wavering is in the middle. Banners and musicians effect nerve along with the unit size.

Optional rules in the book include building, siege warfare and multiplier games. I personally like the siege warfare rules but have never had a chance to try them. Now KOW historical really reminds me to HC though the rules aren't really designed for it. But seem like they would work well.

 As a more direct comparison on one of the big differences (POINTS) I will give  details below. These lists come direct from my Romans tab. For WAB you are looking at 2505 points with the models I have and no upgrades. The main special rules for many of the models are Drilled, Stubborn, Veteran for the veterans and the legionaries can do a  testudo. Testudo only confers a 2+ armor save towards missile attacks. Note that the legionaries don't have heavy armor. One of the biggest benefits for the legionaries is that stubborn means that they don't need a panic test for fleeing units, they can give ground after failing a break test and if they would automatically break they can take a test first to see if it happens. Drilled is great because this allows them to always make some sort of move for free. The General also allows units within 12" to use his leadership for leadership tests.

Now with the KOW list clocks in at  1305 points. So if you like large games this maybe the system for you. You will be able to field a ton of models. This is part of the reason I am looking at this system especially for smaller scales. Now special rules wise the closest list I think is the  Marian Roman Army the list would be as bellow. Some of the models aren't used because of inability to field enough models.

Regiment of Legionaries with musician and standard x5 = 750points
Regiment of Veteran Legionaries with musician and standard= 180 points
Regiment of Auxiliary Medium Infantry with musician and standard= 105points
Troop of Auxiliary Medium Infantry with musician and standard= 85 points
Troop of auxiliary archers with musician and standard= 75points
General= 100points


Now besides the obviously huge difference in points there are only two special rules really and they effect the legionaries. Pike phalanx and Testudo.  Testudo for KOW makes it so if a unit is using it if they get charged on the rear or flanks it counts as charging the front. Pike phalanx confers  +5 attacks for regiments and +10 for hordes after any multipliers for charging and such. It also makes cavalry in this case have a -1 to hit. A further difference is their are no upgrades besides musicians and standards to units. The exception being the general who can take a horse. The general also has  the Inspiring special rule which effects any unit within 6'. This rule makes the nerve test be re-rolled.

Now having not had a chance to try this rule set because of local resistance towards non HC or WAB rule sets. I can only give general opinions. I think this rule set would be faster overall due to less special rules and options. I also think that the KOW historical lists would allow for much larger/faster games. This I like because I prefer using all my models its part of the reason I have so many. When playing WAB the games are often slow due to individual model removal and all the special rules and options.

Anyway check it out for yourself and see what you think. Link for historical lists for KOW is here.

Great giveaway to check out

The figure fanatic is doing a great give away to celebrate his 200th post. Check it out here. There are some interesting things up for grab so check them out. I know personally I am going for The 40k loot and the power generators. Here is why.

The 40k loot I mainly want the shock troopers. I have always been curious about these models and would love to check them out.

The power generators I am going for so because I thought they might be useful as objectives for my home table.

Anyway check it out guys and hurry up the contest ends in a few days.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Kid gaming: Fighting Plastic edition

Fighting plastic maybe a game you have never heard of but should have. It utilizes a toy that at least when I was a kid every little boy had.
Copyright (c) Strategy Wave Studios. All Rights Reserved.

That's right plastic army men. Now the best place I have found to get the rules is here. Mainly because the original website for it no longer exists. However, the creator but the author gave blanket permission to use it with little to no restrictions. I would love to buy the creator  Corey Butler a beer if I ever meet him for this rule set. This game is great because of the overall simplicity of it. The game is designed to just be easy and fun to play. So its perfect for younger kids. Now at present I haven't played it mainly because I have no plastic army men and have never seen them for sale here. But when my son gets older I am sure he will get some. Now the only side not I would make about this rule set that is a little strange is everything is done in feet. That's right feet not inches. They also suggest a rather large model count for the game. However, this can easily be changed to suit any playing space. I believe children of at least 5+ can probably handle  most elements of this game as their are very few modifiers. Mainly movement, shooting restrictions and bonuses for cover.

The game has four phases with only movement not being done simultaneously. Three of the phases are for shooting different weapons. The great thing in my opinion is that there is no real down time for either player also even if a model dies during that turn because the actions are simultaneous they can still shoot for you. This I feel will a great thing for kids and adults because I know I hate just waiting around for the other person to finish there turn.

So check it out.

also just in case:
This game is copyright 2000 by Corey Butler.  It may be freely distributed in its original form, with this notice, but not sold.  Modifications and house rules are encouraged and should be labeled as such.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Something from the past

About a year and a half ago GW closed their warhammer historicals part of the company. To me this was a blow because only about a year or so before I got into ancients. At the time Warhammer ancient battles 2.0 (WAB) was the standard for many people around her who played ancients. This post is mainly due to me being glued to the book the past few days while on the subway. Mainly because it has a lot of nice eye candy.

The main rule book was a hefty 215 full color pages. The basic book overall was great but it of course had its problems. It was full of pictures and illustrations and covered most aspects of the hobby. One of the great parts was that it included 13 different army lists. But it really shined with its 15 different supplements. That covered  tons of forces from the 3rd century BC to the 13th century AD and siege rules. That being said there is still quite active forums and groups online for this product. The book heavily focuses on movement which of course is highly important in a game were a majority of the combat is HtH. For me the most annoying thing about this rule set was removing individual models. It really slows down the game in my opinion. The other downside is the book is really written for 28mm models. It requires a decent amount of work on the players parts if you want to play in another scale. Now personally I will keep the book and use it for smaller games when possible because it is quite easy to pick up and play with new people, in my opinion. But when you get above about 1000 points it just becomes to cumbersome.

Now the biggest problem these days is just getting your hands on the stuff. You can find it on the net to download but you might not find all the faqs. This is something that only in certain circles annoyed people when GW killed it off with no real warning. To be far they also killed off a few other games at that time as well. But you didn't get the same outcry as when they killed specialist games. To be far I didn't even know this part of GW existed until I got interested in ancients here in Korea.

This isn't as much of a problem now that things like HC have started realizing there own supplements. When I first started playing HC here with other people I used the supplement books and rule book from WAB as a base point. However, this is a game I wish I had learned about sooner along with necromonda and mordienhim. In the future I will be doing a comparison between this and HC and if I have the chance the KOW variant for ancients.