Sunday, December 29, 2013

the post christmaa update on stuff we got

My son and I both got a lot of hobby related stuff that you will probably see featured on the site in the future. I'll do reviews on the hobby gear and I am thinking some sort of battle report for some games me and my oldest play.

My oldest got quite a nice lot of minis to use in his games and immediately after getting them grabbed his other models and the large dice I let him use  and started playing with them on the bed.
sorry for the bad pic the boxes are bellow.

These little gundams are cheap (here anyway) and come apart easily. However, they do make great little models to use because of these same factors. They were about $4 each.

with some of his new mechs and tanks from the wizkids clix range

the lego boat didn't get used much but the destroy and cruiser were then used for an impromptu game with his uncle were he seemed to roll nothing but 5's and 6's

 Now my side is much less impressive I got a nice gundam model, a P3 wet palette and some brushes.
The gundam model is actually what inspired half of the new paint job on the tau. Never mind, it looks cool.
The wet palette and refill pads are things  I have  wanted for a while. I tried making a few of my own and they never were the right size or worked out right so hopefully this one works out well, review to come once I have a chance to use it. The brushes are Raphael size 0 and 00, review for them once I use them as well.

Well that's it for now.

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