Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Painting ideas for a lot of upcoming projects

Alright with the hand out of commission I spent a lot of time thinking about paint schemes. Below is what I am thinking of for different projects. All the projects will be using vallejo game color paints. Any comments, ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Base (already done)- Cayman Green 067
Under suit- two options here dessert yellow 063 or beasty brown 043
Sept markings- orange fire 008
other details (eyes, leader marks etc)- mutation green 105

Base- orange fire 008
highlights- gold yellow 007
shadows- hot orange 009
metal - gun metal 054

Base- moon yellow 005
shadows- sun yellow 006
details- electric blue 023
metal- gun metal 054

FSA Terran
Base- ghost grey 046
guns- gun metal 054
engines- escorpenes green 032
details- black 051
shadows- wolf grey 047
squad markings- black 051

Well those are my ideas. Please leave any comments or ideas you have since nothing except the taus base has been done.


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