Friday, August 28, 2015

6MMRPC/Painting Table #35 2015

This week was pretty good overall. I started the week cleaning up all the Aquan ships I have so I can wash them this weekend. This week I also started the construction of my Dark Eldar BFG fleet and my sons Tyranid fleet.
3 cruisers and 5 escorts

5 Kraken and 3 escorts

4 claw Kraken
 I then decided to paint 2 1x1 buildings.

I plan on picking up the necessary bits to make more escorts and cruisers for both fleets in the future. The buildings are half of the current ready to be painted buildings. The main thing I have left to paint for them is two towers which I may do next week. Then a bunch of bridges and walls once the airbrush is up and running again. Speaking of that I should be able to start airbrushing soon. So I can also finish those suits off. We will also see both Dropzone Commander forces and more space ships of mine of course. I have a neat idea for the Dark Eldar.

Anyway that is 2 more models and I am only going to take 4 points for the pair.
More as I get it done.

Friday, August 21, 2015

6MMRPC/ Painting Table #34 2015

It was a good/bad week. Let's start with the bad. I tried to paint my PHR immortals and it turned out horrible. So bad I actually debated tossing the models and buying new ones.

Now the good. I finished off my second mercs faction, the ISS. All seven of them. They were rather straightforward to paint and I like how the sort of weathering/damage I tried to do turned out. Once I figure out bases both factions should look great. This week I also assembled all the PHR and Shaltari stuff I have. This of course included magnetizing a large amount of stuff. The Shaltari were the hardest part because it turned out the casts I bought who knows how long ago were crap.

Hope you enjoyed the stuff. That is 7 more models and 14 more points. I also finally spent a joker when Spartan Games did the sale last week. Picked myself up the dreadnought group for my dindrenzi which finishes off the I need to have stuff for them. So the joker I would have gained is null.
More as I get it done.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

6MMRPC/ Painting Table #33 2015

I finished off this week by finishing off the last of the models in my MERC Texico starter set. Overall I am really happy with how these guys turned out. So that's 5 more models, 10 more points and another joker. At the moment I am assembling a hive ship for my son and starting to work on converting some nid ships up for him. I will also continue my work on other models I have laying around. More as I get it done. There are many pictures below. Enjoy.
The newly finished models. Below is a better picture of each of the seven models.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

6MMRPC/ Painting Table #32 2015

A good week so far. Though tomorrow will probably be a dead day hobby wise. I finished off the 1 last drone, the 6 KOB frigates and the 6 Prussian frigates. Finally, an added bonus, I did the dog and the marshal from my texico starter set.

The dog was actually the hardest part of everything. He took about two hours with inking washing and dry brushing. The marshal and the rest went fast.
So that is 15 models, and a total of a massive 30 points. On top of that it is two more jokers for me bringing me to 6. For finishing off the two Dystopian Wars forces. They now have no remaining models. The tau are 9 models away from completion and the texico starter has 4 models left.

More as I get it done.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

6MMRPC/ Painting Table #31 2015

This week was not to productive from a picture stand point. I got my Exploding kittens kickstarter and my mantis creations carrying cases as well. On top of that their was a lot of furniture being moved around this week and such. So what did I get done. 
Well I finished painting  these 13 drones. I also found one more drone while cleaning and organizing after moving all the furniture.  
This week I also did a matt coat on all of my FSA and BFG ships that have been painted. I also cleaned up primed and based all my DW ships.So 9 more suits and 1 drone are all that are left of my tau. This week I hope to finish off the ships and the last drone. After that I will probably move onto either more assembly or more hand priming since the weather is still crazy. As soon as the humidity and heat even out I should have a bunch of stuff ready to get done.

Anyway that is 13 more models done and 26 points.

More as I get it done.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Late mid year review

So lets go back over the goals for the year.

1. Paint all the tau stuff I have.
2. Paint the 2 merc forces I have
3. Paint 400 points
4. Build/paint at least 2 pieces of terrain.
5. Paint more than I buy again. preferably on the 2 to 1 scale
6. $350 or less in spending

So where are we in the grand scheme of things.
1. All but 13 drones and 9 suits done. After they are finished it will be all good for now. I may in the future add new things but I have no plans to.

2. The first Merc force is assembled and will hopefully be painted soon. The other shouldn't be to far behind.

3. I am currently at 335 points. Well on my way to the 400 point goal for the year.

4. This one is completely done. I have painted way more than 2 pieces of terrain this year. Just with the planets I did, never mind all the deadzone stuff.

5. So far the paint more than I buy is well ahead of the goal with  156 to 41.

6. I am once again over budget by $45 and change. This will hopefully be different in the future.

Now for the 6MMRPC stuff.
1. Tau, a bunch of firewarriors/pathfinders, some kroot and about 9 suits are left at this point
2. BFG Tau, should have the first 3 finished by end of month.
3. The 2 other earth shakers
4.The 2 Mercs starter sets, something like 14 models
5.The Aqua ships I have running around, I think 10 or so models
6. The dystopian war ships I found the other day, frigates for both fleets maybe 5 or 6 each.

1. As noted above this one is well on the way to being finished.
2. Already finished.
3. Finished though not painted.
4. As with part 2 in first part.
5. Not even looked at yet.
6. Cleaned up waiting for paint.

That already earned me 1 joker, I am not sure for the earthshakers since I mainly finished them since I had them. They are still available to a good home by the way just for the cost of shipping. The Epic Space Marines and Titan group are also still available.