Thursday, September 15, 2016

Painting Table #24 2016

The next update was delayed mainly due to a large 3 day holiday here that I am just finishing up. In other news posts will be erratic probably from mid November through mid December as I will be moving again.

In hobby news I finished of all but two of the models I was working on and figuried out something to do with that rock piece.
Added some yellow flower like things to make some blocking terrain.

Sorry for the blurry pic. A archer elf/hobbit thing. A dwarf woman with axe and a female apprentice.

apprentice and two other ladies

wizard, lady and something like half  orc 

Think it was a man at arms and another lady
Now out of the 11 models, the 3 men are set for their tasks in frostgrave. And so are two or three of the ladies. But most of them are equipped in such a way that they could be more than one. Im looking forward to finishing the last two and trying to get some more back log cleared before the move. I hope to be able to pull off at least another 50 models before I have to packing everything up.