Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More space marines finished and a little more progress

So I finished off those two marines I mentioned last post. I also did a rhino up that I have set up to be a razorback. I just need to order a razorback sprue.

assault marine

devestator (plasma cannon)

 I know there are paint streaks on the bottom but I am not really worried about it.

I have also done a second layer of elf flesh and done the wash on all the Romans skin.

So this now puts my painting challenge past its first goal.
Feb:56 points
Total YTD: 76 points
Left until next goal: 49 points
Left until final goal: 224 points

Questions and comments welcome. BTW I am also looking for more 15mm and 10mm blogs to check out so if you know any good ones let me know.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Space marines and Romans and more progress.

Today we start with a picture of my work space. As you can see I have been up to quite a bit recently.

So here is a shot of my Romans where I have gotten there skin painted but still need to wash it. Then I just need to finish shields and add arms and heads to command guys.

Next up we have the Space Marines I have finished. First up is the 5 plasma cannons I have finished. I still have 1 more on the workbench that is almost finished.

Then we have another 4 assault marines that I have finished. There is 1 more that has 1 arm left to paint and then it will be finished as well.

So this brings my YTD painting to as follows:
Feb: 49 points
YTD: 69 points
Left until 1st goal: 6 points
Left until final goal: 231 points

Over the next few days I will finish up the 2 almost finished marines and then I will finish off the Romans. All they have left is painting shields, doing the arms/instruments/banner for command and doing the wash on the skin.

Till next time


Sunday, February 17, 2013

KOW Historicals ??!!

I found this great little post on the mantic KOW website that got me thinking. It has converted 60(at the time of this post) historical army's to be used with the KOW rules. (http://forum.manticblog.com/showthread.php?3037-Historical-Army-Lists-for-KoW-1600BC-to-1700AD)
I think this would be a ton of fun to try. I am also wondering what other peoples thoughts are on this. So take a look and drop a comment or email. Below I have come up with a rough list for my Romans.

Imperial Roman Army

regiment with banner and musician
regiment with banner and musician
regiment with banner and musician
regiment with banner and musician
regiment with banner and musician

Vetran Legionaries
half-regiment with musician and banner

Auxiliary Infantry
regiment with banner and musician

Auxiliary Medium Archers

General or Trajan

Total points (Only actual models/No upgrades): 1235 or 1270

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Romans and pic of my new Spray booth

Haven't made much progress this past week. Between being sick, kids and the holiday weekend I haven't been able to do much. Got the clothing and shoes done on them all and on all but 5 of them have the straps and such painted. 

Haven't had the chance to use my spray booth yet so I haven't written the review. But here are a few pics of it.

Well that is it for now.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

More Romans And a general

Yup so here is the current progress on the next unit, who has the general or whatever depending on the game. Didn't make as much progress as I wanted because of the fact this weekend is a major holiday here. Anyway below is a pic of the progress and I soon will be posting pics and review of a new toy my wife bought me. I am also taking pics as I go so that I can do a tutorial on how I did these guys.

Till then

Monday, February 4, 2013

Roman legionaries

So here they are all nice and complete. The last thing I will need to do at some point is base them but I have no supplies for that.
I am happy with the way they turned out. Below are some closer pics of each unit.

So that is 40 guys finished which will be a whopping 40 points to my YTD painting challenge  They are based for WAB and occasionally Hail Ceaser. My next project will be another unit of legionaries. Followed by some space marines. 
Febuary: 40 points
YTD total: 60 points
Left until goal: 240 points

Sunday, February 3, 2013

opps... and Dropzone commander review

Sorry about the lack of promised update the weekend kinda killed me. Today I will give you my two cents about the Dropzone commander rule book.

Alright, I am kinda mixed on this one. I love it and hate it at the same time. The book itself is beautiful and the rules are definitely one were you need to play for them to really click. However the organization of the book I do not like and I feel that large parts of the unit entries fluff were just copied and pasted. The one other thing I will comment on is that the fluff even in non UCM sections seems to always be from the UCM's point of view. Even considering this I still enjoyed reading the book and took my time going through it the first time. I do highly recommend checking it out before buying models so you can plan accordingly for your play style.
Final verdict would be that it reminds me a bit of the old 2 and 3rd edition GW 40k books but is much prettier. Actually consider the cost of 40k codexs and rule book now compared to DZC buy the DZC one.

That is it for now. Promise I will take pictures tonight and post within the next 48 the pictures of my 40 completed Romans. Just need to glue on shields and some arms.

Till then,