Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The rebirth of my Space Marines

    So after basicly getting to the point were I didnt want to play my SM just with codex costs etc etc etc. I found something that breathed fresh life into them while also making it more interesting. The forge world Siege Assault Vanguard army list, now given many people will start by thinking about all the insane new units I could incorporate into my already established forces but for me that wasn't it.

     For me it was the combination of three parts, First the second most important factor for me was the siege objective rule. This is going to make playing the game more challenging and interesting for me, especially since I often forget to play the objectives. The next thing that caught my eye was the new HQ choice of Space Marine Siege Master. This is the themed HQ I have long soght for leading my force and I knew the perfect model for it. Finaly and the most important factor for me was the changes to the most basic of units for Space marines, the tactical squad, the addition of siege mantles is going to make a great look and feel for my force and makes it worth it for me to keep them around, I will still thin out the collection some but that will mainly be elites. Though I must admit the idea of running a siege dreadnought talon or two seems like a lot of fun.

my siege master

Anyways that is my current idea now I am just busy trying to find the right shields for me and deciding what exactly to get rid of.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Painting table saturday #13

A little late but I was out of town for a wedding. On the table this week is mainly models I assembled in the past week or so that you have also seen reviewed. There is also the 4th Battle company, an old gretchin I am doing up for my oldest and of course the broadsides/crissis suits.

I am hoping to get all these epic models polished off this coming up week and make a dent in the 40k ones to since I have a 4 day holiday next week. Mainly I just need some free time and to stay away from my computer when I do so that I don't spend the whole time playing Titanfall or TF2. Anyway My plans for the 28mm Space marines will be revealed this week along with of course the month wrap up.


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Foray to the dark side #2: 40k edition

I got two sets of stuff for my go to Chinese website with the lander and thunderhawk from last post

I got a figure I will use for my warlord for my marines. He set me back $14.30   and can be found here. He needed no real cleanup. Just cut a piece off of his foot and the hammer and smoothed the out. He will also be one of the key pieces in my modified force. Which will be revealed next week. Keeping the shield separate for now so he can be properly painted up. The shield is a good hint at my plans FYI.

The second thing I got was a turret set up for my rhino/razorbacks. This set was a great deal and looks like it was just clipped off a sprue. It came with 1 heavy boltter and 1 lascannon pair as normal, but it also came with two turret assemblies and a few other bits. Set me back $6.90 and was found here.

Overall I am very happy with this round of purchases and look forward to getting more in the future.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The epic quest for epic :Another Foray to the dark side for epic part 1

As some of you may know I bought a couple more epic pieces from this Chinese website. This is the same website I got my warhounds from and the shield drones in my first test order. This time I got 2 more epic pieces and 2 40k pieces. Once again the shipping and service were great. They actually got my package to me faster than mantic got me my crazy box.

The lander to be honest is a bit tricky to assemble. Mainly because from what I understand even when forgeworld made it they were horrible at pointing out were the mounting brackets and rhinos went. You can finid it here, when I ordered it cost $13.00 The piece showed up with a few bits of flash but nothing major and no bubbles. After I found a decent image of an assembled one I had it done in about 20min. It come with a large hover base like you get with devilfish for 40k.

As you can see from the above picture I decided to not include the rhinos on it and only put a few of the brackets on to make it seem like the lander was empty. Mainly because I couldn't find a  look that I was satisfied with besides this. I actually spent more time hunting down images of this to try and build it right than it took for me to build all the other models.

The regular thunderhawk can be found here and cost me  $16.00. It had one damaged landing gear and a bit more flash than the lander but otherwise was ok. This went together no problem once I found an image, it also came with the devilfish large hover base. With this one there were no real problems, as a side note this also came with two different styles of cannon for the main body.

I will do another post in the next day or two with reviews for the two 40k pieces.

Until then,

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Painting table Saturday #12- better late than never

Suffice to say work and family stuff made it so I couldn't post yesterday. But here is a quick pick of what I managed to do last week.

Assembly of lander is complete, decided not to do the rhinos on it. The standard thunderhawk just needs its landing gears glued on and 1 of the turret mounts. I will hopefully get these two based and primed this coming up week but who knows. Especially since I finally completely switched machines, my graphics card showed up earlier today. Anyway proper review stuff this coming up week.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Painting table Saturday #11

As the more keen eyed people will notice. I have actually made progress. What is currently on the desk, besides the ever present tau, is the new epic 40k thunderhawk lander with rhinos.

Which means I finished off the 15 stands and 10 rhinos I was working on for the 3rd company of my epic project.

April : 23.75 points
YTD: 97. 25 points

Models painted: 85
YTD models painted: 259

So wahoo for progress more to come asap.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The goodies I got last week

So let us start off with what I got as a valentines day present. My wife got me a Mantic crazy box. Now here is the funny/ annoying part she ordered it on Feb. 10 and I finally got it on April 3. Suffice to say I am quickly becoming anti direct order from Mantic.
 In the box I got I plan on using most of it as trade fodder. I will paint a few of the ones that interest me thought.

1 Loka-fire pawn
10 undead revenants
10 elf bowman
3 ogre warriors
1 marauder raptor
6 basilean sisterhood panther lancers
1 anne-marie dreadball mvp
1 dozer dreadball mvp
5 stormrage veterans
2 marauder grunt command
1 deadzone sorak trooper
1 deadzone yndij trooper

On Feb 14 I placed an order with my new favorite Chinese website. I received in on April 2 due to a slight delay on the manufacturing end. As compensation they provide a much faster shipping option. Got my package in 3 business days.
                  I ordered two different thunderhawks for epic. One is a straight up gunship the other is a lander with rhinos. I also ordered a model I plan on using as my hq for the new plan with my 40k space marines, as well as a turret set for the second razorback.  The total damage was only $21.71 due to credit I received. A proper review will follow after I have a chance to assemble them. After a look at the parts though there was only 1 damaged piece on the thunderhawks. Everything else was ok. 1 of the legs for the landing gears was broken out of the 6 for the two thunderhawks. This to me is acceptable mainly because it is such a  small fiddly piece. Honestly, I am more surprised by the lack of more damage due to the small fiddly nature of many of the pieces.

So thats 46 more models to the total for the year.
Also thats April -$21.71
YTD total: -$88.96

Anyway proper review and pictures up hopefully in the next week or so.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Painting Table Saturday #10

Unfortunately I received a promotion this past week so was unable to do anything. I did however get some new models which you can see a teaser of in this photo. Hopefully I will get a review done in this coming up week of the new stuff. I also really need to paint, starting to go a bit crazy with no painting.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Osprey review #4

Today's review will once again be an Osprey Publishing Men at arms book. This time it will be number 149,  Prussian Light Infantry 1792-1815.

My favorite part of this book was actually the beginning. I wont spoil it but the author starts off with a great tone. Overall the book is a good read, if you like a lot of detail. A few things I found interesting were; the explanation of how the light infantry were used, how they came to be and how they were often actually used. If you have no interest in these things the color pictures are excellent as usual and include various Schuetzen's, Jaeger's and Fuisiler's in uniform. There are also useful color charts on page 27, 28 and 29 for uniform colors.

Besides the aforementioned uniform color charts, tactics and plates this is another book that is very heavy on the " this is how it came to be and this was reality". So if you like that style pick it up, if not borrow it from somewhere for the color charts and pretty plates.

More later