Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The goodies I got last week

So let us start off with what I got as a valentines day present. My wife got me a Mantic crazy box. Now here is the funny/ annoying part she ordered it on Feb. 10 and I finally got it on April 3. Suffice to say I am quickly becoming anti direct order from Mantic.
 In the box I got I plan on using most of it as trade fodder. I will paint a few of the ones that interest me thought.

1 Loka-fire pawn
10 undead revenants
10 elf bowman
3 ogre warriors
1 marauder raptor
6 basilean sisterhood panther lancers
1 anne-marie dreadball mvp
1 dozer dreadball mvp
5 stormrage veterans
2 marauder grunt command
1 deadzone sorak trooper
1 deadzone yndij trooper

On Feb 14 I placed an order with my new favorite Chinese website. I received in on April 2 due to a slight delay on the manufacturing end. As compensation they provide a much faster shipping option. Got my package in 3 business days.
                  I ordered two different thunderhawks for epic. One is a straight up gunship the other is a lander with rhinos. I also ordered a model I plan on using as my hq for the new plan with my 40k space marines, as well as a turret set for the second razorback.  The total damage was only $21.71 due to credit I received. A proper review will follow after I have a chance to assemble them. After a look at the parts though there was only 1 damaged piece on the thunderhawks. Everything else was ok. 1 of the legs for the landing gears was broken out of the 6 for the two thunderhawks. This to me is acceptable mainly because it is such a  small fiddly piece. Honestly, I am more surprised by the lack of more damage due to the small fiddly nature of many of the pieces.

So thats 46 more models to the total for the year.
Also thats April -$21.71
YTD total: -$88.96

Anyway proper review and pictures up hopefully in the next week or so.

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