Friday, July 31, 2015

6MMRPC/ Painting Table #30 2015

So a bit of progress since I returned from vacation. Below you will find. The last 2 phased ion suits built. 4 more 1x1 deadzone structures. Two more broadsides, 1 missile, 1 railgun and 2 drones. 5 bridges I made with Deadzone stuff. Finally, I finished painting that 1 scatter wall, 1 defensive wall, and the 2 doors for the buildings. The doors I am not counting as models since they go to the 2x1 buildings, so 2 more models and 4 more points.

I am going to be taking a break from painting terrain for now. I am going to paint up the 13 drones since I can do them all by hand. After that I think I will move on to the Dystopian Wars ships. The 9 suits will be on hold until the airbrush is back up and running in September. If I manage to finish this current painting before the airbrush is back up, then I think I will move on to painting either the texico stuff or maybe some other models I have running around.


Saturday, July 25, 2015

6MMRPC/ Painting Table #29 2015

You may have noticed a lack of posts this week. There are 2 reasons for that, mainly the humidity at the moment which has killed a lot of my hobby time, the other part is I will be on vacation by the time you read this. So I wanted to maximize  my available hobby time with my prep work. Since at this point my airbrush is almost useless do to the temp/humidity.

So here is what I did. One big wall of pictures ahead. In short I got both towers assembled and one primed and the yellow done. I assembled one of the XV9 suits with phased ion guns. Primed some ruins, walls and such to paint up. Cleaned up the 12 remaining Dystopian wars frigates for my two factions. Assembled and cleaned up my Texico faction box for Mercs. Assembled some stripped Gun drones. Finaly I started painting some wall sections and doors for the 2x1 buildings already finished.

Not pictured but also done was the clean up of a bunch more deadzone stuff. Getting ready to assemble some bridges and maybe a few more smaller buildings. So you can look forward to more assembly pictures and maybe even painting next week. I am hopping to get more done soon since on the table now along with whats assembled is another 3 jokers.


Friday, July 17, 2015

6MMRPC/ Painting Table #28 2015

Been another good week. I managed to finish off the 2x2 building.
I am going with 8 points since most of one side is open and of course one more model completed.

Then I also assembled a bunch more scatter terrain. To be honest though. I have no idea how I should paint my different rubble piles. I also assembled the last xv9 with fusion cascades and did more prep work on the three other xv9s.

The next week or so I plan on mainly doing assembley tasks. A bunch of drones, 5 more suits and whatever else I get my hands on. By the way what do you guys think of the posts with smaller pictures?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

6MMRPC/ Painting Table #27 2015

Progress is good and I have made a decent amount of progress for this mid week update. First off, I finished off the other 2x1 deadzone building. I really like the rust effect wash I used on part of the roof. I look forward to using it more in the future though cleaning the brush after is more of a pain.

I also have prepped a wall scatter piece and the 2 doors so they can be painted up.

Finaly, I started building the remaining tau suits and drones.

I have one more fusion cascade ready to assemble and then 3 phased ion I need to straighten then assemble. After that there are two broadsides and then all my leftover drones and then I am done. I am doing a lot of prep work now because my airbrush doesn't work well for about the next month and change do to weather here. Once the weather gets back to normal I will prime and base all of these guys and then paint them up. The drones you will probably see sooner since they are all nice and small. They are also a pain to airbrush so I will just do everything by hand.

So that is one more model finished and 6 more points. On a side note people need to relax the misplaced racism and insults towards my painting are unwarranted for anyone to receive. You have also been reported for it, you know who you are. We are all just trying to improve ourselves and share our hobby with others who enjoy it. So relax and don't look at my blog if you don't like it.


Friday, July 10, 2015

6MMRPC/ Painting Table #26 2015

So another big update. First off, I gave the original orange planet a spray with the airbrush to brighten it a bit more before I sealed it so no points or anything for it since it was already counted as done.

But then I finished off two more bits of terrain. First off another planet. It comes out grey in the pic but it is actually a soft blue.
Then the first of the 2x1 buildings. From the deadzone stuff.

Overall, I am happy with the results of both projects. I am planning on finishing off the other 2x1 building and then probably building and painting the other tau suits so I can finish that project off.
So that is 2 more models, I am taking 3 points for the planet again and I am taking 6 for the building. This has also completed my terrain goal for the year.

Comments welcome.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

6MMRPC/ Painting Table #25 2015

Alright this one is a huge update. First of will be things I have painted, then things waiting to be painted or in the process of being painted and finally things in assembly.
Below are the two more scatter wall pieces I did like the first and 6 cargo boxes of some time and 6 groups of tanks. They are all finished up. The wall pieces are actually two of the same put together from one of the fortification sets. They were supposed to be attached to normal wall pieces but were not worth the effort to get them fitted correctly. So that is 14 more pieces and as per other day the smaller ones will be half a point each and the bigger two 2 points each for a total of 10 points.
Next up are the current work in progress pieces. First up are the two 2x1 structures. The doors are removable and being painted later on.

Then my big 2x2 building. 

Next up is the being assembled stage. First up is two towers, they still need a lot of work to make the gaps smaller before I putty them.

This is actually a pair of doors that I put together to make another random wall piece.

Then some ruins, this one is two floors.

A few smaller pieces as well and one of the doors for the 2x1 buildings.

Finally, a piece of rubble terrain, there are a few more of these somewhere that are different that I will try and post photos of later.

Anyway that is all for today. More as I get it done. Questions and comments welcome.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Review: Mantic Terrain Kits

Guys this will be fast and sweet. The good and bad in general. And a few specific complaints.

The good-
The overall price off the sets is good and the quality is good overall as well.
The scatter bits (crates and such) is great looking.
The terrain works great for bits for conversions.
The terrain works great for small solid structures (1x1, 2x1, even 3x1).

The bad-
Overall the sets take a lot of work to make look good because of the amount of time it takes just to get everything to fit together properly. (Be prepared to sand and such a lot just for connecting them)
Overall I found the connectors to be hit and miss depending on the piece. Even when unpainted, I cant see the "you can change it every time without much difficulty" actually being what they claim if you try to paint and then assemble as needed.
Bigger structures (even 2x2) really suffer from structural problems with the roof and assembling them can be highly annoying.

Now for a few specifics-
Urban sets- Overall I have had great luck with this series and find that they are very usable for other things as well.

Ruins- Looks great and have gone together the easiest for me. Has a lot of great details.

Fortified- The basic parts are mostly from the urban set but the "fortified" add on pieces are ABSOLUTE HELL ON EARTH, these things are a massive pain to assemble and take a ridiculous amount of time to get just basically built. I found some useful for making scatter terrain but for actually making the fortified buildings it is just not worth the effort.

Overal view-
The scatter terrain is great. The urban stuff is ok with a little work and has decent detail. The ruins are great and I can't wait to try some new painting things on them. Fortified suck.. All the terrain paints up nicely though some also have killer mold lines. Overall, I have found that the idea is great in general but the production is not accurate enough to make it as seemless as they wanted. Is a great way to fill your table with cheap small buildings though. The biggest winner is the scatter terrain, which I will definitly buy more off in the future.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

6MMRPC/ painting table #24 2015

Not a ton of progress this week mainly for 1 reason, the evil that is yellow and testing.

Out of all the stuff I managed to finish off 1 scatter terrain wall and the 6 crates. So that is a total of 7 models finished. I'm taking half a point for each crate and 2 for the wall so that is also 5 more points. Now that the yellow is done and I know what I am doing the paint scheme will move much faster. That is it for this week more should be finished up this coming up week. Review on the overall mantic deadzone  terrain later this week.


Thursday, July 2, 2015

BFG Tau fleet pics

Figured I would post some pics of the current fleet that is finished. At least until I find some extra cash to splash out for the few ships that I want to get to boost the fleet to around 1500-2000 points.

I am also considering going back and darkening the bigger ships so they look closer to the little ones. The only other thing I need to sort out is more proper bases for the larger ships, along with the larger ships I am going to make for my Dark Eldar and my sons Tyranids at some point.
Anyway hope you enjoyed the look.