Wednesday, July 15, 2015

6MMRPC/ Painting Table #27 2015

Progress is good and I have made a decent amount of progress for this mid week update. First off, I finished off the other 2x1 deadzone building. I really like the rust effect wash I used on part of the roof. I look forward to using it more in the future though cleaning the brush after is more of a pain.

I also have prepped a wall scatter piece and the 2 doors so they can be painted up.

Finaly, I started building the remaining tau suits and drones.

I have one more fusion cascade ready to assemble and then 3 phased ion I need to straighten then assemble. After that there are two broadsides and then all my leftover drones and then I am done. I am doing a lot of prep work now because my airbrush doesn't work well for about the next month and change do to weather here. Once the weather gets back to normal I will prime and base all of these guys and then paint them up. The drones you will probably see sooner since they are all nice and small. They are also a pain to airbrush so I will just do everything by hand.

So that is one more model finished and 6 more points. On a side note people need to relax the misplaced racism and insults towards my painting are unwarranted for anyone to receive. You have also been reported for it, you know who you are. We are all just trying to improve ourselves and share our hobby with others who enjoy it. So relax and don't look at my blog if you don't like it.



  1. Your tau force and terrain are coming together nicely aruki. Are those forgeworld tau suits? I dont recognise them.

    I am sad to read someone has been posting abusive stuff. People think the internet gives them anonymity and take it as an excuse to post hateful things they would never say in real life. I agree with the response you posted, and hope that whatever was written will not keep you from posting and sharing your hobby.

    1. Yes, 7 of the 9 suits left are forgeworld. Not in the picture are 3 xv9's with phased ion guns. In the picture are 3 xv9s with fusion cascades (one is unbuilt) and a tau battlesuit commander shasoralai with drones. Thou I built the drones different out of personal choice. With the completion of that building I only have 1 building that is totally ready to finish painting which I will crack on next. Still have a lot more scatter elements runing around to do. But between this and the infinity cardstock stuff I should have enough stuff running around to fill up a table for mercs, kill team and infinity easily. Probably many other games to that I am looking into or planing to build for. You are also right, the internet does that, its more of a shame to me that it has come into the hobby space. I hope it is just some kid being a kid on the internet and not anything else. It defenitly will not stop me. Since I took the blog seriously (as in I am going to post often serious) it has been a great way for me to interact with others when I am limited by geography where I live.

  2. There are some super fine tipped pens (I think gundam builders use them in Japan). It might look super sharp to black line the turquoise on the panels. It would break the colours from the white, but also tidy up the waves that often result with brush work.

    Sweet looking tau suits. I can't keep up with all the new variants. =)

    1. I use them since band I had a ton of stores here. Usually on ships, see tau big. But good idea to bad I coated them already. Those are actually really old suits came out 5+ years ago I think. For tarps campaign, all the new ones are the peptide sized ones.